​adidas have confirmed the opening of a new 'Rent-A-Pred' hotline which will provide teams in London with some of the area's finest Predator athletes.

Until Sunday 9th February (that's this Sunday, eyes open) players from teams in London will be able to reach out to adidas to apply for a new player, and a select number of teams will be lucky enough to have some star names sent to take part.

There are plenty of partners involved in the campaign, including the likes of The F2 Freestylers and Hashtag United, and those who do attend games will be kitted out in new Predator20 Mutator footwear.

The Predator20 boots feature all-new DEMONSKIN technology, which is designed specifically to improve grip on the ball and maximise control.

Made up of a textured spike layer on the upper of the boot, DEMONSKIN has been created using scientific algorithms to help the boot wrap to the shape of the ball. 

Not only does it aid control while dribbling and passing, but it also promotes spin when striking the ball.

The idea is to give local teams an 'unfair advantage' by providing established stars in enhanced boots who can help make up for unreliable teammates who may have dropped out at the last minute.

Focusing on those in the 18-24 age bracket, adidaslondon took to Instagram to portray the struggles of being let down by a teammate - and the bigger problem of finding a suitable replacement.

Those who apply will be asked to provide more information about their upcoming match, including location and why they need their own Predator athlete. Those successful will be informed on the morning of their game.

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