​A Newcastle fan was spotted enjoying Allan Saint-Maximin's late winner against Oxford United a little too much on Tuesday evening, the Geordie supporter captured on camera windmilling his willy in celebration.

With the match hung in the balance and the momentum swinging back and forth, Saint-Maximin produced a moment of absolute magic to squeeze the Magpies into the lead, jinking inside and lashing home a sensational strike. 

The late winner sent the travelling fans into a state of ecstasy, so much so that one man shocked the entire ​BBC-watching audience by whipping out his wand to create a moment of television magic of his own. 

The cock-a-hoop supporter propelled himself onto centre stage when he whipped out his willy and produced a vicious windmill, which the camera quickly diverted away from. The unsuspecting commentators then declared that the public had just witnessed 'something special.'

Without poring over the grainy video too much, that seems a bit generous. Cold night, after all. 

The delighted supporter, who had just celebrated a great moment with his little man (his penis, not his son) probably didn't expect to be the talk of the Toon at the end of the match, but his helicopter had thrust him into the limelight. 

Even ​Newcastle's goalscoring hero, Allan Saint-Maximin got in on the act by ​tweeting a hilarious GIF, reenacting his reaction to seeing the extravagant celebration. 

The game looked to be heading to penalties, but the young Frenchman's solo effort caught Oxford with their pants down - although at least they weren't the only ones. The late goal meant that Newcastle fought off Oxford's comeback, defeating the hosts 3-2 and booking their place in the fifth round of the FA Cup in the process.

No word yet as to whether Newcastle fans are planning a co-ordinated group windmill – presumably to be dubbed 'the wind farm' – in the away end if Saint-Maximin scores against West Brom in the next round.