Manchester United legend ​Eric Cantona has once again hit the headlines after appearing in Liam Gallagher's rather strange new music video for his song 'Once', forming an unlikely and rather unsettling duo.

The former Oasis singer - and high-profile Manchester City supporter - released the video on 31 January, and himself appears as Cantona's butler and chauffeur. 

That left the former forward as the star of the piece, aptly playing the role of a king'who wanders around his enormous mansion in nothing but a robe and some underpants. 

The video begins with Cantona sitting at the dinner table, drinking red wine, with his servant Gallagher in the corner of the room. With an impressive lip-syncing performance, the Frenchman proceeds to walk through the house - while his flapping dressing gown offers us a little too much detail - before sitting at a piano.

Cantona then exits his mansion (after having donned a crown, of course), gets in a vintage car - yes, still in just a robe and his pants - and is driven away by his Gallagher.

That is pretty much that, and it's certainly not something we expected, nor can forget.

Cantona - who recently baffled an audience with his unusual speech during the ​Champions League draw - has been one of the few footballers who has ventured in to the world of acting in the past.

The 53-year-old has made appearances in the 1998 film 'Elizabeth' and, more recently, 'The Salvation' and 'You and the Night'. However, most notably, Cantona featured in and was the subject of the film 'Looking for Eric', where he acts as a life coach for a football fanatic postman who has fallen on hard times.

But Cantona's newest project may just be his most eye-catching, and will certainly drum up publicity for Gallagher's new 'Acoustic Sessions' EP.

If you think this is some joke or this is a piece intended for April Fool's Day, then think again and check it out for yourself.