​Manchester United are so desperate to sign some new players that they have started seeing things.

Social media erupted on Tuesday after Genk starlet Sander Berge was 'confirmed' to have arrived at Carrington for a medical, despite the Norwegian rarely actually being linked to the club.

Fans were certain it was Berge. The future was bright. They had stolen him from Sheffield United. The club was just too appealing.

And then it wasn't Berge...it was a 15-year-old goalkeeper.

Basically, all fans were working with was seeing a young person in the back seat of a car, who just sort of looked like Berge. That was enough.

It all sounded so promising, but that was until the pictures emerged.

​​What a rollercoaster this was.

Fans were confused, excited, stunned and disappointed - all within a spell of about five minutes - and it was all for nothing.

Safe to say, many supporters were a bit surprised by the whole thing.

For a few minutes, fans had no reason to believe it wasn't Berge. The story had been carried by a number of journalists and websites, all of whom were desperate to see ​United bring in a new face. 

Fans were excited. After all, Berge has long been seen as an exciting youngster who was just waiting for the right move to a top side. It was genius by Ed Woodward.

And then it was a 15-year-old reserve goalkeeper. Well then.

This poor 15-year-old. He hasn't even signed for the club and fans are already disappointed with him.

Well, I suppose he's just getting a head start, since United supporters are rarely scared of criticising their players.

Unfortunately for United, Twitter quickly came up with reasons for how things went downhill so quickly. 

Maybe it was actually Berge, but he needed just two minutes inside Carrington to realise that he had made a mistake.

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