​Last updated: 24/02/2020

After the dramatic win over Wolves on 23 January, BT Sport's Des Kelly tried to point out to Klopp that Liverpool could potentially afford to lose as many as six of their remaining 15 Premier League games and still win the title. It was an idea that Klopp said ​he 'could vomit' at.

One month on and it's as many as seven from 12 that the Reds can afford to lose, while Man City have all but conceded their title.

Jurgen Klopp

Klopp still says he's not thinking about anything other than the next game, while media-trained players allow little more than a knowing smirk when asked about title prospects. One game at a time is the party line.

However, in reality, you and I (and they) know that a first top-flight title for ​Liverpool in 2020 looks about as sure a bet as anything now. The Reds are unbeaten in 26, winning 25 and have been silly, silly good, so far. Want some context of just how good? ​Read this.

But 'when?', 'how?' and 'what?', I hear you cry! Here are your answers...

What do Liverpool need now to win the Premier League?

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

Well, the absolute maximum number of points ​Manchester City can achieve now is 90 - eight fewer than they managed last season and seven fewer than Liverpool did. Leicester, meanwhile, can only get as many as 83 this season, if they win every single game they have remaining.

So, basically the Reds need 91 to absolutely guarantee the title at this point.

Currently on 76, Klopp's side need 15 more points to be sure - or five more wins from 12. 

Eight more wins, however, would take Liverpool to 33 victories for the season - a new Premier League record, surpassing City's 32 (2017/18, 2018/19). 

More on other ​records Liverpool could still break this season here.

When and where can Liverpool win the Premier League?

Everton FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League

If City (and Leicester) suddenly self-destructed and started losing every game, Liverpool could seal the title on 7 March, with a win over Bournemouth. That won't happen though.

More likely is that it may come down to one of two key dates.

The first of which is 4 April, when Liverpool travel to the Etihad to play City. If Liverpool were to hold off Pep Guardiola's side in that fixture, with six games to spare, it would break the Premier League record for the quickest-ever title. If they were to remain undefeated past this point, Liverpool would also surpass Arsenal's 'Invincibles' unbeaten streak too.

Even before that though, Liverpool go to Everton's Goodison Park on 16 March, where many fans would love to see it wrapped up - with eight games to spare. Imagine.

What are the biggest obstacles remaining for Liverpool in the title race?

Wilfried Zaha

Obviously the away trips Everton (16/3) and Man City (4/4) are the biggest remaining tests but they may be too late to make a real dent in the Reds' charge, even if they are lost.

Before that, Liverpool travel to Watford (29/2), while hosting historical bogey side Crystal Palace on 21/3. Arsenal (2/5) and Chelsea (9/5) are also still on the calendar before the end of the campaign.

With the form Liverpool are in, none of those look especially daunting to the title charge. Touch wood and cross everything.