Zinedine Zidane has reflected on the short Real Madrid tenure of Julen Lopetegui, who replaced him as Los Blancos' manager in 2018 only to be sacked within a few months – the former Spain coach coming back to the Bernabeu this weekend as manager of Sevilla. 

Lopetegui's short tenure in the capital was just a hair short of being absolutely disastrous, instead settling on merely 'really bad', but Zidane has encouraged fans to give him a good reception on Saturday. 

Quoted on the ​club's website, he said: "Every moment you have to live it and do what you have to do. He's wanted to do it big, he's a great coach and he's always shown it. I don't want to talk about his time here at Real Madrid, but what I can say about this coach is that he is very good. He has always proved it and he is proving it now.

"I hope, that he will get a good reception, because Lopetegui is from the house. He played here and people here always receive their people well. I hope, that will happen."

On the topic of sackings, Zidane also talked about last week's departure of Ernesto Valverde from rivals ​Barcelona, admitting that the position of any manager at a giant club is precarious. 

Ernesto Valverde

"I feel sorry for him because it's not a good feeling. He's a very good coach and I have enormous respect for him. For the coaching position, we know where we stand. ​Madrid, Barcelona are big clubs and nothing is going to change. 

"I know that if we lose two matches they will criticise me in the same way as two months ago. I know where I am. What we want to do I know it's complicated, we can't always play well. What we're trying to do is give 100%. Then it's up to you to talk about whether it's been done right or wrong."

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