The Derbi barceloní is famed for its ferocity between two clubs that are separated by just three miles, but a recent reserve game between the two Catalan clubs was marred by Barcelona ultras who took their passions beyond acceptable boundaries by making vile chants towards the Espanyol supporters and players.

In a shocking video published on Deportes Cuatro and reported by ​Marca, the away fans can initially be heard singing 'Death to Espanyol' during the encounter on Saturday.

However, the Blaugrana faithful did not stop there. In exceptionally poor taste, some fans escalated to insulting the late former Espanyol defender Daniel Jarque, who died in 2009 at the age of 26 from a heart attack.

Daniel Jarque

"If Dani Jarque scores a goal, it would be a ghost goal," they sang. The final egregious act was the Nazi 'Sieg Heil' chants that can also be heard.

The game itself finished 2-0 to ​Barcelona B, with Ronald Araujo and Alex Collado scoring the goals.

This is not the first incident of offensive chanting between these two sides in the last seven days. During the first team game the same day, the Espanyol fans could be heard targeting ​Gerard Piqué with chants.

RCD Espanyol v FC Barcelona  - La Liga

"Piqué you bastard, Shakira has a d***, your son is [Mubarak] Wakaso's and you're gay," was allegedly the chant from the stands. During the game, Piqué went over to the referee Carlos del Cerro Grande to complain, but no action was taken at the time with no record of the abuse in the referee’s match report.

Subsequently, the chants have been noted by ​La Liga and it has been widely reported that they will be passed onto the Competition Committee and the Anti-Violence Commission. This could lead to a fine - not anything new for Espanyol, who received a 24,000 punishment for similar offensive chants in 2016.

La Liga is yet to comment on these chants from Estadi Johan Cruyff on Saturday.