​The Premier League action for the 2010s is over, so it's time to look back on how each team has performed over the last decade.

No less than 37 different teams have been part of the Premier League since 2010, but only seven teams have spent the entirety of the last decade in the top flight.

​Opta have put together an all-decade table of how all 37 of those sides have performed in the league. Unsurprisingly, ​Manchester City sit top of the standings, and it's not even close.

The Citizens, who have lifted four ​Premier League titles, have won 251 of their 381 games in the last decade. They have netted a whopping 845 goals (130 more than any other side) and finished with a points tally of 818.

That puts them comfortably ahead of rivals ​Manchester United, who managed 747 points since 2010. They won 220 games, the same as third-placed ​Chelsea, who finished on 740 points and the second-highest goals tally of 715.

​Liverpool also bagged 715 goals as they won 206 of their 379 games, but that was only enough for fourth in the table. The Reds picked up 710 points and they are the only side in the top four to not lift the league title (which could change pretty soon).

​Tottenham Hotspur finished fifth with 703 points, which was one ahead of rivals ​Arsenal's 702 points, but there is then a whopping 105-point drop down to ​Everton in seventh. Looking towards the bottom of the table, Portsmouth anchor the table as a result of their points deduction from the 2011/12 campaign, meaning they finished the decade with just five points.

​Reading and ​Middlesbrough, both of whom managed just one year in the top flight, make up the remainder of the bottom three. The two sides find themselves below current high-flyers ​Sheffield United, who have played 18 games fewer.

Ollie Norwood,David McGoldrick

Of the teams to have played at least 100 games in the division, ​Queens Park Rangers have managed the fewest points (92), which is only good enough for 29th in the all-decade table.

You can check out the full standings below.

Position​​TeamGames Played​Wins​Draws​Losses​Goal Difference​Points
​1.Manchester City​381​251​65​65​+503​818​
​2.Manchester United​380​220​87​73​+​316747​
​3. Chelsea380​220​80​80​+331​740​
​5.Tottenham Hotspur​​380206​85​89​+236​703​
​8.West Ham United​341​104​91​146​-96​403​
​9.Stoke City​323​99​94​130​-102​391​
​10.Newcastle United​324​106​73​145​-103​391​
​12.West Bromwich Albion​304​85​87​132​-102​342​
​13.Swansea City​266​82​66​118​-77​312​
​14.Leicester City​210​86​49​75​+31​307​
​15.Crystal Palace​248​81​53​114​-60​296​
​17.Aston Villa​266​64​75​127​-155​267​
​22.​Wolverhampton Wanderers152​43​42​67​-62​171​
​23.Norwich City​172​42​45​85​-112171​
​24.Wigan Athletic​133​33​39​​61-86​138​
​25.Hull City​132​29​31​72​-95​118​
​26.Blackburn Rovers​94​27​22​45​-42​103​
​27.​Bolton Wanderers96​28​19​49​-50103​
​28.Brighton and Hove Albion​96​24​27​45​​-4999​
​29.Queens Park Rangers​114​22​26​66​-84​92​
​30.​Cardiff City76​17​13​46​-77​64​
​31.Birmingham City​56​12​21​23​-32​57​
​32.Huddersfield Town​76​12​17​47​-84​53​
​34.Sheffield United​20​7​8​5​+4​29​

*includes points deduction

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