​Chelsea manager Frank Lampard provided a scathing review of his side's negative performance against Bournemouth on Saturday, stressing his players need to "have the balls" to take the game to the opposition.

A late and unorthodox goal from Bournemouth midfielder Dan Gosling saw Eddie Howe's side upset the odds at Stamford Bridge - just the Cherries' second win since September - with Chelsea having now failed to win eight of their 14 home games across all competitions.

It was Chelsea's fourth defeat in their last five games, and Lampard was furious with his players for not taking the game to a Bournemouth side who spent large parts of the match parked in their own half of the pitch.


"In front of our home fans it's clear now that we're not playing well enough, not getting enough results," Lampard said, quoted by the Daily Mail. "We just didn't get the fans excited enough.

"The fans shouldn't be excited if we're going to play 10 balls across the back four, they shouldn't be. And that's not the team I want to manage.

"I'm a Chelsea man and everyone knows that, and I would be the first to say if the fans were flat.

"But today I'm never going to say that, because if I was a fan sitting there today I'd also be saying 'too slow, too slow, centre-back to centre-back, centre-back to full-back, back to centre-back, back to full-back'. And I don't want to come and see that.

"And some responsibility is on the players to excite them, to have the personality and have the balls to take the ball in an area and beat someone or play forward.

"We need more urgency in our play, if you're transferring the ball, transfer it quickly.

"If you're playing through the lines, if you're an attacking player, get at people, do things that are positive, don't play safe. We play generally too safe through the game."

Saturday's defeat has left Chelsea at risk of losing their place in the top four over the next few weeks, with Lampard's side potentially just two points clear in fourth place by the end of play this weekend.

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