​Burnley manager Sean Dyche has confessed that his side will eventually be forced to sell winger Dwight McNeil once he 'outgrows' the club.

The 20-year-old winger is seen as one of the brightest stars at the club and has already been linked with big-money switches to the likes of Crystal Palace and Manchester United.

Dwight Mcneil

He has started each of his side's 16 ​Premier League games so far, and Dyche has confessed that it won't be long before ​Burnley receive the kind of offer which they are simply unable to refuse.

“Look, we know Dwight is a player who will certainly go beyond us – but in a positive way," the boss admitted (via The Sun)“We don’t remotely want to lose good players. But eventually some players will outgrow the club in the sense of a bigger club coming along and buying them because of their skill set.

“Dwight is clearly a top talent. He is playing and delivering every week. If he remains grounded and keeps the hard work ethic he’s got – and I’m sure he will do that - then his talent will continue to shine through. And we’re not naïve enough to think it’s going to go unnoticed.”

Dwight Mcneil

The England Under-21 international has managed one goal and four assists this season, establishing himself as one of the Clarets' most important players at such a young age.

Dyche has made no secret of his admiration for McNeil, but he also admitted that the youngster must continue to learn if he is going to live up to his exciting potential.

“For a young player he sees the bigger picture very quickly," Dyche said. "He is seeing the patterns of the game in attack and in defence, smelling out the right positions defensively to stop the opposition, or at least slow them down.

Dwight McNeil,Andre Gomes

“And equally in attack, he can see the pockets to go and play in. He will run at a defender, carry it forward and take his man on, which is a great weapon in the modern game. It’s one you don’t see as much these days. Knowing the time to it is what’s getting better in his game, making the right decisions. I have been very impressed with that part of his development.

“Dwight gets us, and I like that about him. He knows it's tough for us, he knows we're not going to walk into games and have 70 per cent possession.

"The good side of that for a young player is that when he has got the ball he's got to really take care of it. He does that well , and he can drive at people when it's needed - but he's learning how to pop it off and play it simple when it's called for. So I think he's continuing to mature nicely.”

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