​It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

But enough about the jam-packed football schedule...it's the holidays and that means the agony of present buying.

I'm assuming you're here because you need something for the football hipster in your life, or perhaps you're looking to splash the cash for yourself with all that present money burning a hole in your pocket. 

Here are 15 of the best shirts available from the rare to the retro for under £100.

Benidorm - 2010/11 (£29.99)

This Umbro home shirt for the popular Brits abroad destination club has added intrigue as it was worn in their final season before being sadly dissolved due to financial problems in June 2011.

It's also just a really nice looking kit and who wouldn't want to turn up to training with Benidorm emblazoned across their midriff? 

Available ​h​ere.

CD Loja - 2018/19 (£29.99)

Now if standing out at five-a-side is the issue, look no further than the Spanish lower tiers which feature some absolute belters.

There's CD La Granja's beans kit (​here) and CD Palencia's 'flesh' design (​here) but possibly the best/biggest eyesore of the genre (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all) is Loja's 2018/19 home kit which is covered in...prawns. Their sponsor is a local frozen food firm, naturally.

Got a mate who fancies himself a prawn star? This is the perfect stocking filler.

Available ​he​re.

River Plate - 2016/17 (£29.99)

Who doesn't love a sash? No-one, that's who. Now ignore that double negative and look at this shirt!

River Plate are may not be Copa Libertadores champions anymore after losing their title to Flamengo but they still have one of the best kits around.

This adidas design from the 2016/17 season is as clean and classic is it gets for Los Milionarios.

Available he​re.

Madureira - 2013 (£39.99)

Feeling particularly revolutionary this festive season?

Why not go for lower-league Brazilian side Madureira's 2013 top which was released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a visit by the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.

The unique design which features El Che's iconic mug on the burgundy shirt garnered global media attention and is sure to be a talking point down the park.

Available ​he​re.

UNAM Pumas - 2009/10 (£59.99)

I'd like to be able to tell you there's some great story behind this kit, that it is significant for some hugely important moment in Pumas history or Mexican football...but I can't.

Pumas finished 17th in this away top made by Puma (fittingly).

However, just look at that design!

Available ​h​ere.

Barcelona - 1997/98 (£69.99)

Louis van Gaal's first season at Camp Nou brought a Copa del Rey and La Liga double, with Luis Figo, Rivaldo, Pep Guardiola and more legends all rocking this delightfully hipster-looking Kappa home shirt.

'Yeah mate, I actually prefer the Barça kits from before Messi came along and they won everything...'

Available ​he​re.

Bayern Munich - 1993/95 (£69.99)

A 90s classic that has aged beautifully over 20 years on. 

Bayern wore this brightly coloured adidas home shirt with big diagonal stripes between 1993 and 1995, as they won the Bundesliga title and reached the Champions League semis.

Available ​her​e.

Roma - 2015/16 (£79.99-89.99)

For Liverpool fans who also like their Italian football, this Roma home shirt from 2015/16 might have a special significance due to the name Salah and number 11 being printed on the back.

The Egyptian king made his name in Italy with Fiorentina and Roma after struggling at Chelsea, scoring 34 goals in the Italian capital before earning a move to Anfield.

If Salah doesn't tickle your fancy you can also get Totti on the back, with the legend then in his penultimate season at Roma.

Available here (​​Sala​h) and here (​To​tti)

AC Milan - 1995/96 (£99.99)

One of the iconic Italian​ club shirts, Milan's mid-90s home kit made by Lotto with the big Opel sponsor is a football pervert's dream.

This was the design that Roberto Baggio was kitted out in during his season at San Siro when he helped the giants to the Scudetto, looking like the absolute business while he did it.

Available ​he​re.

Cameroon - 2002 (£99.99)

This is it, Puma's famous vest shirt that was banned at the 2002 World Cup. You can still wear it though, presuming your mates aren't big sticklers like FIFA.

Cameroon legends such as Samuel Eto'o, Lauren and Rigobert Song all turned out in this short-lived, rare classic.

Available ​he​re.

England - 1990/92 - (£99.99)

Yes, that one. The one from the last time England reached a World Cup sem--- sorry, second-last time England reached a World Cup semi-final.

Umbro's design, with it's navy cuff pattern and collar, have become iconic for a generation of Three Lions fans (despite the associated heartbreak).

Try to look at this kit for five seconds without thinking of Gary Lineker comforting a crying Paul Gascoigne. I dare you.

Available ​he​re

France - 1992/94 (£99.99)

Les Bleus take pride in living up to the stereotype of being style icons on the international scene and have had no shortage of gorgeous kits over the years. 

One sometimes overlooked effort is the adidas 1992-94 home shirt - possibly because the team never achieved anything.

Eric Cantona and Jean-Pierre Papin wore this bright-shouldered retro design for Euro 1992, where they went out in the group stages.

Available ​he​re.

Germany - 1994/96 (£99.99)

Another 90s adidas classic. Big, loud shoulders were a thing 20 years ago, possibly never better demonstrated than on Germany's ​World Cup 1994 shirt, which incorporated the colours of the national flag onto the kit in a unique way.

Worn by the likes of Germany icons Jurgen Klinsmann, Rudi Voller and Stefan Effenberg.

Available ​h​ere.

Newcastle - 1995/97 (£99.99)

Oft cited as the Premier League's best-looking shirt of all-time, there is something incredibly aesthetically appealing in the chunky stripes and Newcastle Brown Ale logo of the Magpies' home kit of Keegan's entertainers.

The old-school adidas logo is pure nostalgia, while the granddad collar shouldn't work but it does.

Available ​he​re

LA Aztecs - 1978/80 (£99.99)

Looking for something from even further back? 

This LA Aztecs shirt by Admiral is hard to beat for both looks and glamour.

The team, which rivalled Pele's New York Cosmos in the NASL, featured the likes of George Best and Johan Cruyff and had arguably the best badge US football has ever seen.

Available ​he​re.

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