107 senior goals, two Premier League titles, seven major trophies, and 56 England caps. Not a bad haul before your 25th birthday, is it? 

Having been a leader both on the pitch with his goals and assists and off it in the fight against racism in recent years, ​Raheem Sterling has been an incredibly influential figure in more ways than any young player in his position should ever really have to.

Raheem Sterling

And for that, he deserves a night to himself, where he can dance away, free of judgement, to a brass band playing Beyoncé and Jay-Z. 

And it seems that's how the ​Manchester City star spent his birthday celebrations, as video footage has emerged from his Great Gatsby-themed party which took place over the weekend, and showed Sterling showing off some (admittedly crap) dance moves to a rendition 2003 smash hit 'Crazy in Love'.

Bottle of champagne in hand and pulling off a dashing white suit in spectacular fashion, footage from Man City Xtra shows the England international lauding the attention of his friends and family (as is one's right on their birthday, especially if they're on 15 goals for the season before Christmas) before gesturing for a microphone to deliver some tipsy words to his adoring audience. 

The poor quality audio makes it difficult to make out much of what he says (something about Frankenstein, and then someone called Billy maybe, but who knows) up until he starts talking about his mum.

"My mum showed me the way," he said. "How to be strong, how to be wise..."

Then it gets lost to incoherence again, but you catch the drift. 

Happy birthday, Raheem Sterling: an exceptionally humble, exceptionally talented man, who occasionally likes to enjoy himself, and should really be left to it without the worry of half-baked criticism of his lifestyle choices.

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