Da-da dum dum dum, another one bites the dust. 

That's right - it has happened again, folks. The footballing world was opening the first door of its advent calendar when news broke that Watford were in the hunt for their THIRD manager of the season. 

Javi Gracia lasted four matches. Quique Sanchez Flores lasted ten matches. But the Spanish duo have both bitten the bullet and suffered the same fate as so many Hornets coaches in recent years. 

Quique Sanchez Flores

The pile of managerial cadavers continues to mount outside Vicarage Road - Sanchez Flores even rose from the dead for a second stint - but the time has come for a fresh face to rescue Watford's car-crash campaign. 

Who is up to the task? 90min investigates which crazy appointment the Pozzo family will go for next. 

Javi Gracia 

Alright, this one has been thrown in at the beginning for a bit of fun, but c'mon, was Javi Gracia that bad at ​Watford? ​The Hornets' form had dipped considerably towards the end of last season, and they did start the new season in wretched fashion, but every team goes through rough patches, right?

Javi Gracia

Gracia was an inspired choice when he was appointed first-time round, and even though the return of QSF didn't quite go to plan, who's to say that it won't work out for the best?

The last two managers have left the team in a serious relegation battle though, so he'd be daft to walk into such a minefield... 

Chris Hughton

And now on to the bookies' favourite. Chris Hughton has done a pretty good job everywhere he's gone, and his record suggests that he could be the steady pair of hands needed to drag Watford out of this ever-growing sinkhole. 

Chris Hughton

The ​ex-Brighton boss managed to promote and establish the Seagulls as a Premier League regular in recent years, until the hierarchy decided upon a change in direction. The club owes him a lot though, and their fans were sad to see the 60-year-old depart the south coast.

A word of caution however - Hughton's style of football has been known to cause severe drowsiness, but on a positive note, it is also prescribed as a cure for insomnia.

Paul Clement

We've all got that one mate who somehow managed to blag a top job because his dad works at the same company, rather than for the skills he's got in his locker. 

Paul Clement was Carlo Ancelotti's assistant at a host of elite European clubs, including ​Chelsea​Real Madrid and ​Bayern Munich, but his own managerial career has not followed the same path as his mentor.

Paul Clement

Clement's latest outing was a fairly underwhelming spell at Championship club Reading, but Ancelotti's mate is reportedly on the list as a potential candidate for the Hornets job. 

To be fair, he managed to bring Renato Sanches to Swansea, so he's clearly got a very full contact list. Watford to be relegated with Robert Lewandowski on the books, anyone? 

Mark Hughes 

Sorry, but Mark Hughes is just like that irritating rash that won't go away. 

No matter how hard we try to eradicate him from our beautiful game, the Welshman comes back at some struggling club, does just enough to keep them up - mainly thanks to the other teams being slightly less rubbish than his own -  and then lands a cushty contract before everyone realises what a dinosaur he really is. 

And no, I definitely don't support one of his former clubs. Definitely not.


Anyway, given his previous spells at QPR, ​Stoke and ​Southampton, you would have to be mad to hire him. Mind you, these owners at Watford aren't exactly normal, are they? 

I pray for your sake, Hornets, that you don't have to pretend to like this man's footballing philosophy in the near future. 

Sam Allardyce 

God, this list is depressing, isn't it? You can never rule out Fireman Sam, and with many managers unlikely to fancy the size of this challenge, you can trust someone with the ​ex-Everton boss' appetite to tuck in greedily. 

Allardyce has been out of work since doing a decent - albeit predictable - job with the Toffees, but if you hire Big Sam, what do you really expect? The football ain't pretty, but the results are a guarantee. 

He's also got a 100% win ratio as England manager to his name. 


Disliked by plenty of his former clubs, Allardyce could be the man to keep Watford up - but they'll have to shell out for the big man. 

Are you ready to dance with the devil, Hornets? 

Quique Setien 

Or Watford could go for the exact opposite of Allardyce in Enrique 'Quique' Setien, a man who has never managed in England but made Real Betis one of Spain's most exciting sides with expansive, attacking football and was even linked with the Barça job before it all went south.

Quique Setien

At 61 and with no experience of the Premier League, a relegation battle might not be the time to throw Quique in at the deep end... but the Pozzo's can do and have done worse.

Also the idea of Quique replacing Quique is just fun,.

Diego Maradona 

What we must remember, is that Watford are one of the most unpredictable teams in the English pyramid, and the Pozzo family rarely think inside the commonly accepted box. The owners will be assessing all of their options: the steady head, the old school ballbuster, the Jonathan Wilkes (aka Robbie Williams' best friend) of football. 

Diego Maradona

And then they'll settle on the least expected and most extravagant choice of all: Diego Maradona. So what if he's just rejoined the team who he had left only a day or so before? He will draw in the crowds. 

Ok, so maybe it won't be Diego, but his inclusion reflects the mentality of the Pozzo's and their constant ability to surprise the Vicarage Road faithful. The re-appointment of Sanchez Flores proved to be only their first mistake in recent memory, but they can't afford to make another one with Watford dangling dangerously over the relegation precipice.