Roll back the clock 15 years and the two biggest clubs in the country were Arsenal and Manchester United.

Then, Chelsea were still in the infancy of Roman Abramovich's ownership, Liverpool were treading water in their efforts to make it back to the big time and Manchester City, before any kind of investment landed, were trying to shirk the tag of relegation fodder.

The Blues may have been on their way up but in terms of identity, status and clout, Arsenal and United were the giants of English football.

They had the best players, they had the rivalry, they had history and they had the two greatest managers of our generation in Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Fergu

Now, both clubs are an absolute shambles - clinging onto past glories as they blindingly wander into the dark abyss known as the footballing wilderness. 

Both still have infrastructures that rival the biggest clubs in the world, but the honour and prestige of playing for either has long since disappearedUnless you're a fan of either, the commonly accepted practice is to scour the ​Premier League results from the weekend, looking to see if both can be ridiculed once more for slipping to another embarrassing defeat.

Both clubs are also the butt of jokes on social media - and in Arsenal's case, they've contributed to their own sad little demise. Their own players have taken to social platforms to criticise the club, 'liking' posts suggesting Unai Emery should lose his job - which he now has - as manager. Can you imagine this kind of stuff going on during the peak years of Wenger and Ferguson's rivalry?

The likes of Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Patrick Vieira and Martin Keown allowing that kind of caper to go on behind the scenes? You'd be out of the club in an instant.

These were players who epitomised professionalism, understood what it meant to play for a big club and would do there utmost to concentrate on improving things - not flapping around on a social platform trying to be 'in' with their disillusioned fanbases.

Times have changed I grant you that, but because the tools are there to be able to do this kind of stuff, isn't there some kind of realisation that it's just...embarrassing? The behaviour undermines the status of the club, undermines their storied histories and mocks the greats of the game that have gone before them.

What's worse, the discipline from both club's hierarchies appear to be non-existent. It's a 'do as you please' society these days, regardless of whether or not it shines the club in a negative light. It really is the lunatics running the asylum.

Think back to how things used to be.

Memories of David Platt's last minute winner at Highbury, Vieira and Keane's furious tunnel bust-up, Ryan Giggs' memorable FA Cup goal at Villa Park and ​Arsenal's players jumping all over Ruud van Nistelrooy at Old Trafford after he missed a penalty epitomise what these two teams used to be about.

Roy Keane

Passion, fight, scrapping with each other to be the absolute best.

Now, they are scrapping for the back page headlines on a Thursday night after slipping to defeats to Astana (who?) and Frankfurt in the Europa League. 

For goodness sake, remember who you are Arsenal and ​Manchester United - get a hold of your players, get a hold of your club and understand what it means to be two of the greats of English football.

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