Liverpool have taken the first steps in expanding Anfield to 61,000, with public consultation on adding 7,000 seats to the Anfield Road stand commencing on Friday. 

The plans would see Anfield become the third-largest stadium in the ​Premier League, behind Old Trafford and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The process begins with public consultation on the expansion, with a series of drop-in sessions commencing at 4pm on Friday, in which plans will be detailed further. 

Speaking on the proposed expansion, ​Liverpool's chief operating officer Andy Hughes said in a ​club statement: “For any expansion to the Anfield Road Stand to go ahead we need certainty on three key areas. 

"Firstly, that we are able to reach agreement with local residents, businesses and community groups that they will allow the expansion plan to take place, which will mean closing a short section of Anfield Road between 96 Avenue and Skerries Road.

“Secondly, that we have the right sustainable financial and economic model in place to deliver a long-term sustainable Anfield. 

"And lastly, that we are able to successfully navigate the complex planning landscape. We need to be satisfied on all three points for work to proceed.

"We are working towards creating an expanded Anfield Road Stand which will see around 7,000 additional seats. The majority of these seats will be for general admission use and we expect some seats will be allocated for a sports bar/lounge-type hospitality in order to ensure the economic viability of the expansion. 

"Further profiling is needed and we expect to provide more detail at the second-stage consultation early next year.

“These first-stage consultation sessions we are holding are crucial as they will be used to inform the design proposals we are developing, which in turn will help us to make a decision on whether to proceed with the expansion as a whole.”

News of the expansion comes as Liverpool sit top of the Premier League, eight points clear of ​Leicester in second-place, and well placed to break a 30-year run without a league title and re-establish themselves at the top of English football.

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