Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become part-owner of Hammarby IF, after purchasing a 50% of an entertainment company that holds a stake in the top-flight Swedish club.

Ibrahimovic took part-control of AEG Sweden recently who hold 47% control over the club - meaning that the former Barcelona man owns around a quarter of Hammarby.

Since departing LA Galaxy - who AEG also are also involved with - earlier this month, the 38-year-old has been ​linked with a host of teams, including ​Tottenham and ​Milan.

On Tuesday, he ​released a cryptic message on social media which seemed to suggest that he was going to sign as a player for the Swedish club, but it has now been revealed he has part-purchased them instead. 

In an interview with Swedish media outlet ​Sport Bladet, Ibrahimovic revealed the motivations behind this surprising move.


"I've played for the Galaxy and have a good relationship with the people from AEG," he said. "Then I got this opportunity to become a partner with AEG and such an opportunity is impossible to refuse."

Ibrahimovic also admitted that he was extremely excited about the future of his new venture, predicting that the club have the potential to the be the 'biggest team in Scandinavia'.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic,Luis Martins

Despite this, Ibrahimovic ruled out any chance of him playing for the club in the near future, although he did concede that when he does retire he will be a hands-on owner.

"I have said for ten years that I should not play football in the Swedish [league]. It's not going to happen," he said bluntly. "I want to inspire and assist in the way I can. But it will be mainly after my active playing career. I have to focus on the right things in the first place, but when it's over I want to get more involved."

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