​Wales. Golf. Madriiiiid.

Wales. Golf. Madriiiiiid.

Wales. Golf. Madrid!

Wales. Golf. Madrid!

Wales. Golf. Madriiiiid.

Predrag Mijatovic has created a bit of a mess for his former club over the last few weeks. 

After suggesting that Real Madrid's Gareth Bale has put the club third in his order of life priorities - behind his country (understandable) and golf (funny) - Wales supporters following their country around in the Euro 2020 qualifiers have decided to have a bit of a laugh, and piggyback on his comments. It's quite a lot of fun at his, and Real's, expense.

It comes in the form of a new song, in case you hadn't caught on yet. It's quite catchy. You might've heard it. And you can see exactly what it is for yourselves just above if you haven't.

And in the interests of being well-rounded and fully prepared, Welsh fans have banners to go with it, there's flags with the words sewn on to hang in the stands, and there's a real feeling of goodwill as the Welsh skipper attempts to lead his team to Euro 2020 on Tuesday evening.

​Bale was seen smirking to himself on the bench after the game was won in Azerbaijan on Saturday as the supporters made themselves heard, but ahead of the upcoming clash in Cardiff with Hungary, Bale has now revealed his own thoughts on the song.

He said: "Yeah I've heard it - especially when I was on the bench when I came off and the boys were laughing! It's a good bit of fun, yeah."

Absolutely fantastic to hear it's 'a good bit of fun' from the man himself, but Bale's little smirk and refusal to deny ​Real aren't top of his list of priorities are sure to drive the Madrid press, and his boss Zinedine Zidane, around the bend.

The boy Gareth is winning his power battle with his manager and loving life while doing it. He'll be enjoying himself even more if his team manages to secure a spot at Euro 2020.

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