Former Everton director of football Steve Walsh has said the club could have signed the likes of Andy Robertson, Harry Maguire and Erling Haaland during his time on Merseyside between 2016 and 2018 - but didn't feel any of the trio were worthwhile signings. 

Walsh is one of the most respected talent-spotters in the English game, and was largely responsible for the assembling the Leicester team who won the Premier League in 2016 - with Riyad Mahrez and N'Golo Kanté among his signings. 

This prompted ​Everton to bring him to the club just after to Ronald Koeman's appointment as manager, offering him the role of director of football to lure him away from Leicester. 

Steve Walsh

But while his time at the club is often associated with a period of gross overspending to minimal reward, it could have been very different had the club had the ambition to take his recommendations on board. 

Walsh claims Andy Robertson and Harry Maguire, now starring for ​Liverpool and ​Manchester United respectively, were offered to the club for a £20m package while at ​Hull. Haaland, meanwhile - whose absurd goalscoring exploits in Austria ​have United circling - could have been attained for a fraction of his huge valuation. 

“While I was at ​Everton, I offered them Andrew Robertson and Harry Maguire, when they were at Hull, and it was worth £20 million for the pair," Walsh told ​The Athletic

Andrew Robertson,Harry Maguire

​"Everton wouldn’t take them. I had a deal done for Jonny Evans too before he came to Leicester, but again they wouldn’t take him. Erling Haaland, the striker with Salzburg, I had him and his dad at the club with a deal done for €4m. The club wouldn’t back me.”

Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it would have been nigh on impossible for the club to tell how things would transpire for each player then. It is likely, however, to leave Everton fans wondering just what could have been had their club been willing to take a leap of faith. 

But hey, at least they got Yannick Bolasie. 

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