​In the era of banter, one single week is enough time to prompt the keyboard warriors of this world to amuse us to great degree with some (sometimes) light-hearted chuckles.

One club in particular has assumed the role of Banter Claus this season, while there were moments of infighting and Ronaldinho-esque skill that left us purring.

Whether your team is struggling for form, or your club are flying in a footballing sense, here are some of the week's best memes and funnies to either lift your mood, or keep it going.

AFTVersus the World

When you fancy something to raise your spirits, say, for instance, if your team lost on the weekend, why not set sail for an online odyssey where you can watch other club's supporters scream loudly down a camera for five minutes?

The biggest fan channel of ​Arsenal has earned a reputation for the way in which some of their regular contributors are accused of being, dare I say, too hard on some of the players. Whether their responses are constructive or not, or indeed whether you find it great that fans can have their say, the Gunners squad are supposedly not too keen on the way captain ​Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has embarked on a close-knit relationship with the channel.

In particular, 'Troopz' has become a closer-than-usual friend of Aubameyang's, with the Gabon forward issuing a response to the reports he is stepping too far out of the bubble in which footballers are supposedly meant to live in.

The club is essentially one big walking meme at present. So any opportunity to make light of the situation was duly touched upon by the loving public.

With stardom already propelling Troopz onto the official FIFA video game, there is unquestionably going to be a mention or two of this week's happenings on his next appearance on the channel.

​​However, their friendship must be kept a secret from now on...


​​Flip Flap You Just Got Slapped


We all love Ronaldinho and, anyone who suggests otherwise, look away.

Who can forget the ​magnificent Nike advert that pitted Brazil against Portugal? While wondrous in every way - Ricardo Quaresma having hair and the old school T90 boots, for example - nothing beat the Brazilian wizard's glorious skill. The Flip Flap. The Elastico.

Well, at Old Trafford on Sunday, we were gifted with it once more. Only this time, it was....​Marcus Rashford?

Ermm, yes.




Naturally, the comparisons were made.


Davy. Propper. On. Toast.

Training Ground Bust-Ups You Don't Love to See

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Unless you're Montenegro, of course, in which case your chances of beating England have increased a solid 0.5%.

Yes, that's harsh, but ​Raheem Sterling being left out of consideration for the Three Lions' next Euro 2020 qualifier due to his scrap with Joe Gomez will offer Thursday's visitors a glimmer of hope no doubt.

​Basically, the two came to blows during the Manchester City vs Liverpool game. Essentially, it hadn't been forgotten. Ultimately, Sterling ain't playing at Wembley.

Hilarity ensued even after the Anfield clash.

While it was Sterling who was the most antagonised, there were those who questioned if the match-up was a fair one in the first place.




​​Forgotten man Jesse Lingard got a shout out (of sorts) in what was probably an accurate reenactment of the events.

Really, Roberto?


After what appeared to be a fine transfer window of business for Manuel Pellegrini's side, ​West Ham have proceeded to be rather rubbish in a season in which they were tipped for European qualification. There is undoubted quality in their starting XI, even in goal.

...When Łukasz Fabiański plays, that is.

Instead, they've got Roberto. A gift that seemingly keeps on giving. 

The Hammers stopper had an absolute stinker against Burnley, none more so than when he punched the ball into his own net. 

I wish I was joking. 

OK, not really, because I don't support West Ham, and it was rather hilarious. The internet thought so, too.


​​At least their backup goalie hasn't ​made any clangers recently...