With the final weeks of Euro 2020 qualification now upon us, national sides across Europe have begun rolling out their brand new kits which will be on show during the international break.

We had, Italy, Germany, Spain, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Russia and Sweden all drop new clobber, so there was only one thing we could do to celebrate...

Let's rank those kits.

8. Spain

Spain have gone for an interesting design on their shirt. The patchwork style of different shades of red certainly makes it stand out, but it does look a little bizarre...and the fit is ​weirdly boxy.

The theory from adidas' designers is that the lines higlight the diversity and unity of Spain. Hmmm.

Is it the shirt of future European champions? Is it a weird picnic blanket which you forgot was stuffed into the back of the cupboard? Is it a design which they just forgot to go back and finish?

It could be all three, and that's the real magic.

7. Wales

The new Wales kit is fine. It's totally fine. It's just a red shirt with a little bit of orange. Fine. Hardly the most eye-catching of designs, but it does the job. 

It could be better, but it could be a whole lot worse, which sort of sums up the Welsh national team these days.

6. Scotland

Similar to Wales' design, the Scotland kit is predominantly a dark blue, but at least this one has some form of pattern on.

The red and white accents on the sleeve are a nice touch, but there's still not really all that much going on. 

Chances are we won't see much of it at Euro 2020 anyway...

5. Sweden

I know, I know. The Sweden shirt is just as plain as the Wales kit, so why does it come in fifth? 

There's just something about the colour combination and those sleeves. The cross on the cuffs really adds...something. I don't know what, but it just does.

4. Belgium

Right, now we're on to the really fun kits.

The sash on the Belgium shirt looks like it has drawn inspiration from every 18th birthday party ever, but it still manages to look quite good.

Add in the variation of colours, and you've got the recipe for a pretty nice kit.

3. Russia

You could take the badge off this shirt and it would still be wildly popular hipster classic around the world. 

With the tagline 'Art Meets Sport', the splashes of colour make this shirt stand out from the majority of others on this list, and the blue and white accents look right at home on the red design. 

2. Italy

It's crazy what actually adding some form of pattern can do for you.

Italy have gone for some Renaissance-themed decoration as the background of their white away shirt, and the results are fantastic. 

What a way to fire themselves back into a major competition.

1. Germany

The new Germany kit is more like a work of art. Simplistic in design, yet properly beautiful. It gets literally everything right.

The stripes look great. The colours of the German flag on the sleeve look great. The black collar looks great. Hey, did I mention the shirt looks great?

If Germany can qualify for Euro 2020, then they and the watching public have already won. 

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