Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp was effusive in his praise of Fabinho after his side's 2-1 win over Tottenham, hilariously nicknaming the Brazilian midfielder 'Dyson' - referencing his aptitude for hoovering up loose balls. 

The Reds fell behind with just seconds on the clock when Harry Kane nodded in an opener, but responded with a signature performance, and, through a strike from Jordan Henderson and a penalty from Mohamed Salah, deservedly emerged with the points.

​Liverpool's equaliser came after a sumptuous dink from Fabinho put the captain in behind the defence, and it was just one of many moments of magic that had the watching audience in awe of the defensive midfielder, who anchored his team brilliantly. 

The 26-year-old made more tackles (4) and interceptions (3) than any other player on the field, while only ​Dejan Lovren made more passes. 

Dele Alli,Fabinho

But it was the defensive part of his game that Klopp was so keen to draw attention to, and Fabinho has now been dubbed with a new nickname that will surely follow him for the rest of his career.

“You saw it, both wings were so strong with the triangles we created there: with Sadio, Robbo and Gini on one side, with Hendo, Mo and Trent on the other side,” Klopp told Liverpool's official website.

“And then ‘Dyson’ in the centre, who was there for each ball defensively – what a game he played, unbelievable. Connecting with Bobby [Firmino] in the centre. I love the game, to be honest."

Klopp's praise wasn't limited to Fabinho, however. He continued, praising his side's collective 'exceptional' performance to the hilt.


“I said to the boys after the game that I didn’t expect it that good, to be honest, before the game. I thought we are ready to show up a little bit again after being away [from Anfield] on tour for a little while, after ​Leicester I think – that feels long ago.

“But that was exceptionally good, and necessary because ​Tottenham was here today to get three points. The way they set up, line-up-wise offensively, really offensive, but set-up-wise just compact and organised and the counter-attacks are incredible.

“I have to say that’s really tough to defend and apart from twice we did it really well so I am really happy.”

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