​Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino says his team have improved since they won the Champions League last June.

Despite winning Europe's most coveted trophy last season, the Reds have not won an English league title since the 1989/90 season, and are looking to improve on their second place finish from last season. Despite only losing one game in the league, Livepool still finished a point behind eventual champions, ​Manchester City

It was the seven draws that cost Jurgen Klopp's side their first league title in 30 years and although there is a tricky run of games coming up - including Sunday's fixture against Tottenham Hotspur - Firmino remains calm due to his belief in his teams ability.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain,Fabinho,Naby Keita,Roberto Firmino

“I think this team is stronger than last year,” Firmino said, as quoted by the ​Mirror. “When I look around, I see the strongest team. 

"Winning the Champions League last season helped us because it showed our level – and this year I would say we have improved even more. I have very positive feelings about the season.

“It would show once again that we believe this is going to be our year in the Premier League. This year is our time. But we have to be careful. In this moment we are the leaders and we are playing well. But we haven’t won anything yet. So, we are optimistic, yes - but you have to continue working game by game

“Thinking ahead is just not worth it. I learned long ago that in England, anything can happen. Just dropping two or three points can leave you missing out on the title.”

Roberto Firmino

This is the response ​Liverpool fans would be hoping to hear after their sides disappointing 1-1 draw against ​Manchester United last Sunday, although a victory over any opponent in the Premier League is no certainty. 

“They are complicated matches we face,” he added. “If we overcome them, then the way ahead will be even clearer for us. But what we learned last season, which I have already lived many times, is that in this league the last match of the campaign can still end up defining everything.

“My hope is that we can be Premier League champions a few days before that [the last game of the season]. But you have to be ready to go to the end.

"The good news is that this Liverpool team is super professional. We know what is required of us and the pressure we are exposed to. That is important because there is a lot of the season still to go, even though we have started so well.”