​Ah, own goals. They're great when your team benefits from them, but they're infuriating to be on the wrong side of.

From the hilarious errors to the heartbreaking deflections, we've seen it all in the Premier League. If you've ever felt that some teams seem to benefit from own goals more than others, then guess what? You're right!

​Paddy Power Games have taken a look at all the own goals over the past ten years, so let's waste no time and get into the results.


As it turns out, there is one team who have benefited from own goals more than any other side. It's ​Liverpool, and it's not even close.

Over the last ten years, the Reds have pressured opponents into scoring a huge 28 own goals, which is far more than any other side can say. It's not like they even need the help to score, having enjoyed watching the likes of Fernando Torres, ​Luis Suarez and ​Mohamed Salah fire in goals for fun.

​Manchester City sit second on 21, largely thanks to their love of bursting past defenders and firing crosses into the box. Defenders can't stop them, and when they do, they often end up putting the ball into their own net.

Raheem Sterling

There's a huge tie in third. ​Arsenal​Chelsea​Manchester United and ​Tottenham have all profited from 19 own goals over the last ten years of domestic action.

However, it's not all about benefiting from own goals. When a team profits, that means another team has suffered, and there has been plenty of suffering over the years.

The ​Premier League's most prolific scorers of own goals are Sunderland, who fired into their own net a whopping 19 times. That's fairly impressive when you remember that they got relegated in 2017 and haven't been seen in the top flight since.

Victor Anichebe

The next unlucky bunch are ​Everton, who have scored 17 own goals across the ten-year period. Coincidentally, that's also how many own goals they have benefited from as well. How's that for fair play?

​West Bromwich Albion have also scored 17, whilst United, ​Aston Villa​Stoke City and ​Swansea City have all been unfortunate enough to find the back of their own net 16 times.

You can check out the full results below.

Which Club Has Benefited From the Most Own Goals?

ClubOwn Goals Benefited From
​Manchester City21​
​Manchester United19​
​Tottenham Hotspur19​
​Newcastle United14​

Which Club Has Scored the Most Own Goals?​

ClubOwn Goals Scored​
​West Bromwich Albion17​
​Aston Villa16​
​Manchester United16​
​Stoke City16​
​Swansea City16​
​Tottenham Hotspur15​

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