Newcastle United have released a statement in response to recent comments made by Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Magpies owner Mike Ashley was called out by Corbyn on Twitter after the Labour leader confirmed plans to give fans a bigger say in how clubs are run.

He said: "[Labour will] take on the bad owners and billionaires like Mike Ashley, we'll give supporters a say over how their club is run and we'll make sure that the Premier League's riches are invested in grassroots football in our communities."

Mike Ashley

Newcastle United have now responded to Corbyn over his "damaging and misinformed opinions" via a statement on their official website.

"We are disappointed by comments made by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the weekend regarding football governance and club ownership, in which he specifically attacked Newcastle United," the statement reads.

"Amongst his comments, Mr Corbyn accused ‘billionaire owners like Mike Ashley’ of ‘ruining our national game’, claiming these ‘bad owners’ put their ‘business interests above everything else’ and risk their clubs’ financial security.

"In overlooking existing governance and regulation, as well as the hugely positive impact Newcastle United and other professional clubs have in their communities, Mr Corbyn has demonstrated a surprising lack of knowledge about our national game.

"We feel, therefore, it is important to address his damaging and misinformed opinions in the interests of the club and its supporters."

The statement went through the club's financial situation in an attempt to dismiss Corbyn's claim that football clubs are primarily treated like a business.

Jeremy Corbyn

The club also went through the fantastic work that the Newcastle United Foundation goes through in the northeast before inviting the Labour leader to give him first-hand experience of their impact on their community.

The statement ended: "We would like to invite Mr Corbyn to visit one of these initiatives to experience at first hand the incredible work that is being undertaken by the Foundation in our local community every day."

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