Manchester United's incredibly depressing 0-0 draw with AZ Alkmaar in the Europa League on Thursday night - in which they failed to register a single shot on target (you can have that one for free) - paradoxically sparked fans out of their slumber, and into a fit of rage.

Most of this rage was aimed at Club Legend & King of All Things 1999 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, because, well, the stats show that this should probably now be addressed. 

And here are six of the best stats that show why this is the case. Enjoy!

Away Day Toils

Alongside failing to muster a single shot on target for the first time in their 25-game history in the Europa League, Thursday night's stalemate also meant that United's winless streak away from home stretched to 10 games across competitions. 

Yes, that's their worst run on the road since 1989. The spirit of 1999? You're a decade off, Ole. 

Red Dead Relegation

Right. That's not too good, is it?

Sure, there's some caveats and calculations involved, and I'm not exactly sure of how it all works, but whatever way you look at it, it's not good. It's definitely bad. 

City Slickers

Huh. Come again?

So, that's 19 goals in the last five games for Manchester City and *checks results* yep, 18 since Solskjaer was appointed back at the end of March. 

Also, for context, two of City's last five games have been in the Champions League and United have played Huddersfield, Cardiff and Astana in that time. Imagine where they'd be without that 4-0 win against Chelsea?

United Slackers

Okay, we get the five games thing, but how about since the Red Devils' last away win? 


And, again, just for context, across 38 Premier League games last season, United scored 65 goals.

Second Half Slouchers

This is, err, a worrying trend. 

Taking into account second-half results - which can sometimes be meaningless, but when you score as few goals as United do, rarely are - United have earned just five points from their first seven ​Premier League games.

That puts them, once again, in relegation trouble in this second period-focussed world.

Bury Me Alive


And yet they live on in the nightmares of fans attending the so-called 'Theatre of Dreams'.