It's been a funny, a funny week. Hilarious, in fact. And thank the Lord we have the internet in our lives to preserve these funny moments for all of eternity. 

Here's a mere drop* in the ocean of that preservation process, with the best memes and funny moments of the week.

*Still, it's a big drop. We drop hard. 

VAR in Politics?

Ahhh, political satire. My favourite. I'm a great satirist myself, some say the best, and this really got me. Because, you see, politics is controversial, right? That's the nature of it. The beast, if you will. 

And you know what else is controversial? VAR. Marry the two and what do you get? VARtire. And who doesn't love a bit of VARtire?

It is both clear and obvious that this is funny.

This is the same, but cricket, so decidedly less funny. But still a bit funny.

This is also politics. Nice. 

 Souness, Mourinho & Keane

Avengers Assemble. Your task? Tear Manchester United - but, like, mainly ​Paul Pogba, if possible, I know he's injured but you can probably shoehorn him in somehow - to shreds. 

That's right, Sky Sports took this to the next level this week, with the appointment of Roy Keane to go along with the dynamic duo (though I think we know who's carrying the backpack) that is Jose Mourinho and Graeme Souness.

And this was a palindromic meme, in that it worked both ways. Does that work?

Rice & Nobes

The Buddy Cop comedy you never knew you wanted!! It's Rice & Nobes. Declan and Mark, that is. 

And they can take on the very best, as Mark himself claimed.

That claim. 

*chef's kiss*

Now, I know neither of these were intended to be funny, but they really, really are. There's just something about Noble that is...funny. The notion of a man of the match nomination offending anyone will remain tethered to his name until the end of time. That is his legacy. 

Another funny thing about this: Man Utd. Let's get back to them...

Manchester Meme Corner

This is an unabridged assortment of Manchester United memes from the last week. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and let's go live to that wheel Ole Gunnar Solskjaer loves so much. Wheeeel up the wheel memes, lads.

The Best From #TheBest

But the best joke of the week? That undoubtedly goes to #TheBest, for giving Marcelo Bielsa and the entire Leeds United squad the 2019 FIFA Fair Play Award. 

Truly, truly exceptional work. Deserves a Nobel Trigger Prize, for sure.