​Manchester United's defeat to West Ham was embarrassing for a multitude of reasons, but let's be realistic - it's not going to get Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sacked, nor should it. 

It was just one defeat away from home after a decent start to the season, for a side still in the embryonic stages of a full-force regeneration. 


With that in mind, it would seem bizarre if one of United's players, say a certain out-of-favour centre back firmly fixed onto the bench, was to join in with call for the manager's sacking - within earshot of the club chairman, no less.

Yet, such is the absolute banter factory that is ​Manchester United in 2019, that is what we appear to have here. Maybe? Who knows.

Footage captured by Sky Sports' coverage of the game circulated on Twitter with fans speculating that Phil Jones actually muttered 'sacked in the morning' while sitting behind Ed Woodward on the bench towards the end of the 2-0 defeat.

Whatever he really said, Woodward wasn't happy with it. He responds immediately, turning round to administer a stern telling-to appearing to firmly say 'we're on camera, stop'. 

So, there we have it. There could easily be a reasonable explanation to all this, but whatever the case, it's hardly a good look for the club at a time when their manager will likely be feeling the pressure.

Goals from Andriy Yarmolenko and Aaron Cresswell inflicted a ​second league defeat of the season on Solskjaer's side, as they drop to eighth in the table ahead of next weekend's clash with Arsenal.