UEFA has officially introduced its new ‘UEFA For Players’ initiative that is built around an app that offers practical career advice and essential information from former stars like Eric Abdial and Nuno Gomes to footballers of all ages to ensure their wellbeing on and off the pitch.

It is ground-breaking as never before has there been a centralised initiative to educate footballers across Europe and share best practices. ‘UEFA For Players’ promises to fill the void.


The app has a wide range of ‘educational modules’ on various topics, delivering the latest information on football career management. All are based on immersive simulation videos and real-life case studies, making it highly interactive.

“It would have been wonderful to have had the chance to have this kind of information when I was starting out my career,” ex-Barcelona defender Eric Abidal said.

Abidal in particular contributed to the ‘My Image’ section on the app, which looks at how to manage a player’s career in respect to relations with the media and how to use social media.

“The app covers a number of different topics, from how to manage your finances to how to deal with the media and your image as a footballer. This is invaluable information for any footballer regardless of the stage of his or her career,” he added.

Nuno Gomes

Former Portugal international Nuno Gomes commented, “This is a ground-breaking initiative from UEFA to introduce an app that can really help players to make key decisions at different stages of their careers,” said Nuno Gomes.

“The app gives the players career advice and guidance at the touch of a screen, while there are various simulations on eight different subjects – ranging from learning about the dangers of match-fixing and what to do if approached, to preparing for a life after football.”

Gomes himself helped design the ‘My Game’ module, offering advice about football regulations and the laws of the game. Ex-Germany and Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Simon Rolfes is another former player involved, assisting with ‘My Finances’.


The app is initially available in eight languages - English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish - with more - Greek, Polish and Turkish - to be added.

The eight modules included are as follows: 

My UEFA – Key messages about UEFA, its values, roles and mission• Anti-Doping – Information on anti-doping to raise awareness and protect players

UEFA Integrity – Key information and takeaway messages on integrity to better protect players

My Game – Key information about the Laws of the Game and the regulations of UEFA's main competitions

My Second Career – Information on preparing for life after football and education programmes that can help

My Image – Communication, media and social media training with the main do's and don'ts and takeaway messages

My Finances – Information on the importance of players properly managing their finances and financial obligations

Social Fair Play – Information on diversity and inclusion and how to act as agents of change on and off the field