​It was a pulsating night in Greece, as Spurs cruised to a 2-0 victory over Olympiacos, and showed the steel everyone associates with the North London warriors.

Oh wait, that was my half-time notes, sorry everyone. 

Spurs threw away that two goal advantage against Olympiacos (or is it Olympiakos, who knows?) with some exceptional self-sabotage, the likes of which we haven't seen from Mauricio Pochettino's men in years. 


If only we had an expression for when Spurs bottle a seemingly unassailable lead... it'll come to me. 

But let's rewind for a second and enjoy that magic 43 minutes when all was right and cheery in the Spurs camp.

Actually...let's just skip to the funny bits. 

Pochettino's team selection raised questions about the Argentine's short-term memory, or worries that he'd recently suffered a strong blow to the head. The Spurs boss started ​Davinson Sanchez at right-back despite his horror-show performance in the North London derby. 

His ability on the ball is definitely questionable, and well, we spotted that from the off. 

Mind you, actual left-back Ben Davies didn't survive the Twitter outrage either. 

So, we'll jump 40 minutes into the match if you don't mind, and Spurs are winning 2-0. They then decide to - what is that expression? Anyway, they throw it away in a spectacular way. 

​​​Spurs were cut open by some smart play for the first goal, but the second goal was all their own doing. Despite his error leading to the penalty, everyone was convinced ​Christian Eriksen was fully committed to the Spurs cause, putting in a solid performance full of heart and desire. 

Some people didn't agree with this Eriksen bashing. 

Most people did though. 

He was pretty lucky not to be the three poo emoji's for me. 

The main takeaway from this game was that Spurs' defence was back to its glorious best, which ironically, is its worst. 

​​And finally, we must appreciate the karma of such a tweet as this. Spurs, you really did Spursy it up once more. Hey, I got there in the end!