Do you ever see something funny online and think: 

'God, if only there was a place where these things were all collated for my own personal enjoyment?'

Well, welcome to that very Utopia. Now, I don't want to spoil anything, but in this Utopia it sort of goes without saying that we're going heavy on Arsenal content this week.

Here's the best memes, jokes and funnies from around the footballing world:

Henrikh Mkhitaryan Schadenfreude

Ahh, this really was great, wasn't it? An Arsenal fan getting cocky after going 2-0 up against Watford, seeing the farmed out Henrikh Mkhitaryan scoring a goal on his debut, feeling the need to have a dig and unknowingly digging his own social media grave. 

Arsenal's pain - of which we'll laugh about a bit more soon - was also compounded by fellow reject Nacho Monreal scoring for Real Sociedad to mark an incredible debut in the 2-0 win over previously unblemished Atletico Madrid. 

Needless to say, both these players earned places in 90min's Definitive European Player Power Rankings because of this. Again, needless to say, no Arsenal players are present. 

It's also worth mentioning that, at the same time, this also surfaced ^^. 

Getting it from all sides. Brutal.

Matteo Two Fingers 

Sure, this would work a lot better if Matteo Guendouzi was called Freddy, and Italian instead of French, but this was still a doozy *winks*. No, not Harry. God this is layered - I'm on fire.

Anyway, receiving some stick from the crowd as he walked off in the 67th minute, the midfielder defiantly put up a hand signal of the score - 2-1 at the time - to really shove it back to them. Which, was as it always is and will continue to be, an excellent idea.

Because, you see, the thing about football is that nothing happens after the 67th minute. Like, ever. Especially when David Luiz is in your side...NOT! (Yeah, we're bringing this one back, baybeeee. Hell, if 'My Wife' can sustain such an online presence, why can't this??)

No, obviously what actually happened was that 14 minutes later David was done all ends up by some slo-mo skills, and Roberto Pereyra had fired the Hornets back level, sending Matteo to the online gallows.

David Luiz

Oh, and speaking of Luiz, the sheer notion of him as a footballer is also funny.

This was also enjoyable, from a rich new text in the meme community:

Alan Shearer vs Michael Owen Part II

You thought it was over? It's only just begun.

Yes, last week, Twitter was ablaze with the spicy beef between former ​Newcastle friends Michael 'I don't like films' Owen and Alan 'Baldie' Shearer. Many jokes were had, mainly at Owen's persistent desire to portray himself as an incomparably dull human, but the storm seemed to have passed. 

Then Gary Lineker - whose become quite the provocateur in this season of MOTD - did this in the intro to Liverpool vs. Newcastle, and the whole thing was thrown right back into the limelight. 

Sports Relief charity boxing match, anyone? Perhaps a round-robin with Rio 'Betfair' Ferdinand?

MNF Love

Everyone loves Monday Night Football, right? Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville - what's not to love, right? 


Over in Germany, it's as popular as VAR. Hence this wonderful piece of inventiveness during St. Pauli's derby clash with Hamburg in Bundesliga 2.

Also seen in the crowd that night, this:

I mean, I'm not sure you'd classify it as funny, but it's definitely worthy of note. 


This continues to crop up on my timeline and I continue to laugh at it each and every time.

#Wholesome content for all the family.