​A Monday night fixture in Germany's 2. Bundesliga. That should be a relatively sedate affair, right? Wrong.

St. Pauli vs Hamburger SV in the Hamburg derby is anything but chill, regardless of the day of the week, with the fans bringing steins full of atmosphere to one of German football's great rivalries.

Pre-Match March

The stage was set with several thousand Hamburg fans marching across the city, with police chaperone, prior to kick-off...


Fireworks in the Stadium

Half-time pyrotechnics from both the sides of the Millerntor-Stadion were captured by @abdendblatt_hsv on Twitter, including a full-blown fireworks display from the fans in the St. Pauli's Südkurve. 

The display, which has been described as a 'sea of flames' in local press, caused the start of the second half to be delayed by several minutes for security reasons. It is unknown whether there were any injuries from the incident, which was condemned in the German media.

Monday Night Protests

Aside from the literal fireworks, there were also protests at the game being played on Monday night, including an inventive banner from the fans inside the stadium, which read 'Monday??' with an emoji face being sick down the stand.

On the pitch, St Pauli won the game 2-0 courtesy of goals from Dimitris Diamantakos and an own goal from Rick van Drongelen. 

The result stopped Der Dino from taking top spot in the league after six games.