Stop what you're doing and check out this absolute beaut. ​Winning goals are always satisfying, but a last-minute Rabona? Stop it! Stop. It. Now.

Israeli striker Eran Zahavi, who plays for Chinese side Guangzhou R&F, scored a brace for his team as they beat opponents Tianjin Quanjian 2-1 in the Chinese Super League. 

'Why are we bothering to report this?' I hear you ask. 

Well, because Zahavi scored what is described in the footballing world as an absolute stunner. Check out his outrageous finish below, via ​ESPN

At 1-1, when your team is slightly under the cosh, it's best to play things safe, maybe run the ball into the corner, pull out a bit of time-wasting or do your best to see out the game. 

Not Zahavi. Not today. 

The former Palermo forward received a low cross into his feet with his back to goal. He shimmied to create a bit of space and then produced a bit of magic that we all love to see. 

The old Rabona. Impressive to witness, impossible to replicate (for some of us anyway.) The Israel international plants his left foot into the ground and wraps his right leg around the back of his standing leg. 


Above: Zahavi celebrating a goal for Isreal in the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Austria

The 32-year-old dug out a wonderful finish which completely baffled the onlooking goalkeeper, as the ball curled effortlessly into the far corner. 

Zahavi wheeled away as if he'd scored the winning goal in the World Cup final, and rightly so. What a beauty!