Do not reset your phones, PCs or laptops. What you're seeing is not computer generated, it's real life. Donald Trump will try and call it 'fake news', but it's 100% authentic my friends. 

Whilst we were all gearing up for an exciting Euro 2020 qualifying match against Kosovo, something bigger than football itself - nay - the world, was taking shape. Yemen winger Mohammed Mohsen shook the entire planet with the mother of all overhead kicks, rendering every goal to have ever come before it completely pointless. 

Don't believe me? Check it out below, and marvel at its wonder. 

Let's transport ourselves to that magical moment. It's a World Cup qualifier. It's going down in the Bahrain National stadium, one of the great churches of world football. It's Yemen against Saudi Arabia. Let's face it: it's the big one.

The two foes are battling it out for a place in the World Cup, which neither will probably reach, but that's not the point! There's a tension in the air, a sense that this match will go down in the annals of history. 

​​Eight minutes into the game, a Yemen defender casually lofts forward an innocuous ball from the halfway line, which drifts over the Saudi Arabia defence and into the penalty area. 

Little did that man know, he'd just provided the assist for the greatest goal in history. 

Mohsen, now known as the deadliest striker on earth, makes a darting sprint behind the sleeping defence. His movement is immaculate, his run timed to absolute perfection. You'll have to get up pretty early to catch this guy offside.  

He then has a couple of options: 

Bring down the ball with his back to goal, and hold up play until a teammate provides him with a decent option, or nod the ball down whilst running away from goal for an onrushing midfielder to lash home. 

The living legend goes for option Z. 

The ball is in the air for what seems an eternity, time stands still. As it drops from the stratosphere, picking up speed like a snowball cascading down an avalanched mountain, it eventually reaches the postcode of our protagonist. 

Our OG (original gangster, not own goal) Mohsen let's all hell break loose, performing one of the most unorthodox tricks that you won't find in any football manual. 

His overhead kick is like no other, rather than meeting the ball in mid air, he almost sits down, waits for the ball to reach a comfortable height, and wildly thrusts his legs skywards.

This is the moment where everything becomes slow-motion. 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias slowly fades in, and we watch in awe as the most indescribable beauty unfolds before our very eyes. 

The ball caresses Mohsen's right foot, and at that very moment, world peace is restored. It loops over the keeper, sails into the top corner, and well - the rest is history. 

A glorious moment, and one that all football should get behind. 

Mohammed Mohsen, welcome to the record books.