​September may just be the month of the year that footballers dread the most. Why, you ask?

Well, September means that the latest edition of FIFA is set to be released, as footballers across the globe find out just how good they are perceived to be. With all of their attributes being assessed, many are left unimpressed by their ratings.

Imagine, if you will, having to break down your rating in front of the cameras. That is exactly what Tottenham's Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez had to do for Spurs TV, the video posted on the club's official Twitter account, and there were a few surprises in store.

In Dier's defence, it is a little difficult to know what EA are basing their ratings on given that he seemed to hardly play for Tottenham last season. Although he featured in 20 Premier League games, most of those were as a substitute as he struggled with injuries and illnesses throughout the campaign. His pace may be down at 54, but does that really matter when you spend most of your time sitting on the bench?

Yet he has been gifted with a rating of 65 for his dribbling. It is hard to remember Dier completing a dribble, so EA appear to have been a little generous with that one. 

Davinson Sanchez

Meanwhile, Sanchez has become a regular in the team since the start of the season, playing every minute so far. That appears to have given him confidence, with the Colombian international predicting that EA would give him a rating of "65" for his shooting. Perhaps a little optimistic for a player who has nine career goals, and just one since arriving in north London. 

EA gave him 45.

He was adamant that he has ability in front of goal and shows it in training. Surprisingly, it seems that EA don't pop down to Tottenham's training ground when they do their ratings.