​You're representing your nation. Arms are linked with your fellow teammates. Blood is pumping through your veins and you're ready to bellow out your national anthem. And then a different song plays.

Ermm, what?

Such a humongous blunder shouldn't come about very often. Not only is it insulting on the nation in question, it displays a colossal lack of organisation on the side of those in charge, and is disrespectful to those in attendance and watching at home.

But. It is quite funny though. Even funnier, perhaps, is that it has happened on more than one occasion too. Starting with the most recent mishap, here are six times the national anthems didn't go quite as planned.

France vs Albania - 2019


On Saturday France hosted footballing minnows Albania to the Stade de France, with the home side looking to maintain their strong start to Euro 2020 qualifying with an easy-looking clash with the Eagles.

With the visiting players lined up, the anthem for Andorra - France's next opponents in Paris on Tuesday - was ​played out to a chorus of boos from the away fans and utter bemusement from the players.

As if it couldn't get any worse, the stadium announcer then proceeded to apologise to the visiting Armenia team. Salt in the wounds? You betcha.

Uruguay vs Mexico - 2016

Mexico v Uruguay: Group C - Copa America Centenario

The Copa America is a competition of huge importance to the nations of South America, who wear their respective countries colours with pride in the biggest football tournament on the continent.

Played at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, most of the Uruguay players were expressionless to begin with before their straight faces gave way to looks of utter bemusement as the Chilean national anthem bellowed out instead.

To compound the day, Uruguay got beaten 3-1 by the Mexicans.

Armenia vs Gibraltar - 2018

Gibraltar v Faroe Islands - International Friendly

October 18 2018 is a day that will live long in the memory of all those connected to the tiny nation of Gibraltar.

At the 23rd attempt, the country of under 35,000 residents won their first competitive fixture when they won away at Armenia 1-0 during a UEFA Nations League match. It will be forever etched into the history books, but unfortunately for them, so will the fact that Liechtenstein's anthem was mistakenly played instead of theirs before the game.

Take the good with the bad, I suppose.

Serbia U19 vs Portugal U19 - 2013


Ahead of their European Under-19 Championship semi-final with Portugal, Serbia's rising starts stood prepared to belt out their national song with pride.

The brass band entrusted with granting them their wish found themselves in a bit of a pickle, however. Instead, the 28-person group had the year wrong in their calendars and played the national anthem of the former Yugoslavia, which was disbanded after the Balkan conflict in the early 1990s.

Some of the players found this amusing, joking and laughing at the mix-up, while a few attempted to sing over the non-existent anthem. Meanwhile, a few were less than impressed with what they saw. It didn't matter though, with the Serbs going on to beat the Portuguese and then the French in the final to secure the title.

El Salvador vs Argentina - 2015

El Salvador v Argentina

Sometimes, ever so slightly the stadium announcer may be somewhat let off for mistaking Albania for Andorra, for example, but on this occasion it's unthinkable to know how this mistake was made.

With El Salvador taking on Argentina in a friendly match at the FedEx Field in Maryland, a stadium packed to the rafters were waiting for their beloved Himno Nacional de El Salvador anthem to begin. Only, what they got instead, was the ​anthem for the Isle of Man. Yes, some 4,290 miles apart.

The boos were deafening, and you simply can't blame them.

Malta vs Slovakia - 2014


Without any doubt the most hilarious blunder you'll see this week, nobody could have predicted what would play instead of Malta's national anthem for their clash against Slovakia.

Whoever was operating the music must surely have left their iPod left in, because nobody, not anyone, could have predicted that Linkin Park's Numb would be played instead.

Yes, really, the American rock band took centre stage for about three seconds until someone realised their gaff. But worry not, it still ​remains across the internet.