​England forward Marcus Rashford has opened up on various issues surrounding his career at present, including how he uses international teammate Harry Kane as a benchmark and which of the duo is on Three Lions penalty duties.

One of Rashford's international predecessors, Michael Owen, recently questioned whether the Manchester United starlet had the motivation and desire to become a leading goalscorer for both club and country. 

The 21-year-old was quick to counter such claims from the ex-Liverpool hitman.

Marcus Rashford,Harry Kane

Speaking to the ​Telegraph, the youngster stated: "​[Kane]’s one of the best finishers that I’ve played with and whenever we do finishing [in training], in my head, it’s about being as close to him as possible.

"So, if he scores seven, you want to score eight. Little things like that are the bits that people never see. Even though we’re fighting for the same position, we really do drive each other on and it’s very important that you have that sort of atmosphere within a team.

"[Owen] can only go on what he sees. So, the important thing is what I know. I know what I want, what I want to become and what I will become if I keep my mind on it.

​Rashford has collected four goals in his last seven England appearances and was asked how he feels when he fails to score in a match, to which he replied: "It haunts you. For me, it’s a big one.


"When you play well and your team wins, of course you’re very happy. But, when you go home, you’re automatically looking back at the game and thinking, ‘Where could you have got your goals?'

“It’s the same for when you score and you know you’ve had other chances in the game, you’re looking [at] what went wrong and why didn’t you take the other chances."

Marcus Rashford

Nevertheless, the striker conceded that Kane has first pick for spot-kicks, despite Rashford winning the battle for penalty duties at ​United

He said: "Here, it’s a bit more simple because Harry’s record is unbelievable. That’s a way for him to get his goals and the squad support that."