Roy Keane doesn't like someone, and someone doesn't like Roy Keane.

That's not news in itself, but the latest attack on Jon Walters from the former Republic of Ireland assistant manager has elongated an already existing feud to ​the point of requiring explanation.

Working under Martin O'Neill, Keane had established a fairly successful partnership that guided the Republic of Ireland to the knockout stages of the European Championships for the first time in the nation's history back in 2016.

What followed after that was close run to the World Cup, which ultimately ended in misery after a defeat to Denmark shattered their dreams. Failing to impress in the UEFA Nations League in the following tournament put a dampener on the Irish management, and the pair were relieved of their duties as a result.

The Origin


A series of poor outings were placed further into the spotlight when it emerged that Keane was embroiled in heated arguments with Irish trio Harry Arter, Stephen Ward and the aforementioned Walters. This wasn't the first time Keane and the latter had come to blows, however. During their respective days at Ipswich Town the two had fallen out, yet it seemed as if that was put to bed for international duty.

It clearly hadn't, though. A ​WhatsApp voice message was recorded by Ward, who went into detail about a foulmouthed spat between Keane and his players. What transpired was discontent among the trio on Keane's training methods, after taking some time off to relax after successive days of training.

Keane was upset with their lack of endeavour, going on a rant and labelling them as lazy footballers. He was clearly more enraged with Walters, with the pair eventually coming to blows and being forced apart, which is where this argument has evolved from.

Recent Comments

Roy Keane

Since then, Keane has recently come out with new comments on the former Stoke forward, at Cadbury's Off The Ball roadshow (of all places) in Dublin. The 48-year-old proceeded to lay into striker once again, making unsanitary references to his family situation - Walters' daughter is very ill and he has also had to deal with the death of his brother.

"He talks a good game," Keane said of Walters, via the ​Telegraph

"Imagine if he'd won a trophy. He goes on the TV about how he was harshly treated by me. He's crying on the TV about his family situation. Maybe he should lie low for a while. Have a look at his medals? That wouldn't take long."

There was also time to dig out the other two members of the party, with the former ​Manchester United midfielder not holding back in his attack of the players.

Jonathan Walters

"We got beaten by Wales. Jon played. Jon didn't have a good game. Wardy played, he didn't have a good game. They need to go back see how bad they were. Harry Arter went to Cardiff on loan, they got relegated. Wardy can't get in the Stoke team at the moment and they're down at the bottom of the league."

Keane also referenced the way in which the falling out made its way into the national news, claiming ongoings between players and management staff should be kept internal, regardless of what went on.

"Brian Clough. You're on about motivation. He punched me one time. He was upset. It was heated. He punched me. I remember thinking 'You're still a brilliant manager'," he added. I came in the next day and trained. I didn't text somebody in the media. Or go on Ratsapp."

What's Next?

Roy Keane

Given​ the heated nature of the spat, it appears as if this won't be the end. What is likely to occur is a rebuttal of sorts from Walters, although there is also the chance that the retired forward may seek to distance himself from the feud.

What is certain, however, is that Keane is someone to hold a grudge, and this may very well not be the last we hear of this.