​The English Football League has agreed to discuss the option for the reinstatement of Bury into League Two in the future with its current members, as the fallout from the Shakers' demise continues.

After a number of attempts to instigate a takeover were ultimately unsuccessful, Bury were expelled from the EFL on 27 August, ​becoming the first club to be kicked out of the league system since 1992.

An eleventh-hour takeover attempt by the C&N Sporting Risk group didn't materialise, leaving the historic club teetering on the brink.

Bury Football Club Expelled From The English Football League After 125 Years

However, while Greater Manchester Police investigate allegations of fraud involving the club, a number of voices - including Bury North MP James Frith - have called for the club to re-enter the fourth tier for next season (2020/21).

As reported by the ​BBC, the EFL have shown a willingness to at least discuss the options for Bury being allowed a pathway to reinstatement into League Two. However, in a statement, the EFL also admitted that there is currently no set procedure in place to allow this to happen.

Part of the organisation's statement reads: "In acknowledgement of the extreme nature of the problems, (the EFL board) agreed it is appropriate to discuss the matter with member clubs.

Bury Football Club Expelled From The English Football League After 125 Years

"Prior to formal consideration by any league competition of an eventual application from Bury FC to return to league football, clear evidence would be required of the club's financial viability and its ability to fulfil its ongoing commitments."

But the possibility of an application to the Football Association, which will determine the division Bury will play in, is already being discussed as MP Frith and Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham target submission by 20 September.

But again, despite their early cooperation, the EFL reiterated that there is: "no precedent for a club to enter the EFL directly through an application for admission or readmission following withdrawal of membership." 

While this entire process has been taking place, Greater Manchester Police have been investigating an alleged fraud case surrounding the club, but are so far yet to make any arrests.