Just weeks after domestic football came back into our lives, it's been cruelly taken away from us as we head into an international break that no-one particularly cares about.

Never fear because, to brighten the mood a little, here's a look at some of the most meme-able moments from across Europe.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah's Spat

Should ​Mohamed Salah have passed to ​Sadio Mane? Yes, probably.

Did it make the slightest bit of difference in the grand scheme of things? No, obviously not.

There's always been whispers of an otherwise friendly rivalry between the ​Liverpool duo, but something seemed to snap in Mane's head when he saw Salah try to drag the ball back for the 1000th time before giving the ball away cheaply.

Good job Jurgen Klopp substituted him because we could have had a reenactment of Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer if Salah had scored while he was still on the pitch.

At least Roberto Firmino saw the funny side.

Even James Milner got in on the memes, posting the below image on Instagram alongside the following caption: "Maybe I misread this, but I’m pretty sure Sadio was reacting to me not getting brought on #getmillyon #thanksmate".

Granit Xhaka

Is Granit Xhaka good at football? Good footballers don't tend to aimlessly wander around the pitch giving away as many fouls as they possibly can...do they?

​​They also don't revert to kamikaze tactics when they are inside their own box and hunt down whoever is in their general vicinity, with winning the ball merely being a secondary objective.

There was once a time when old FIFA games would have a 'deliberate foul' button. This is Xhaka. All of the time.

Harry Kane's Dive

​​There's getting around the fact that Harry Kane is a serial diver. The lad is practically addicted to diving at this stage, but at least everyone seems to be cottoning on to that fact.

He was rightfully called up and, in some of the best post-match interview content of all time, Geoff Shreeves pulled out a screen for 'Arry to sit back and marvel at his work.

Cristiano Ronaldo's VAR Jibe

I'm not going to sit and debate VAR, because it's driving everyone to the brink of insanity at this stage, but at least someone was able to have a laugh at its expense this weekend.

​Cristiano Ronaldo scored a tidy goal to put Juventus three goals to the good against Napoli on Saturday but, instead of wheeling away in celebration, he instead paused and signalled that he can't celebrate just yet because VAR might take his moment away from him.

Good job it didn't get ruled out, because the game eventually finished 4-3 to Juve.

Neymar Staying Put

​Neymar, the one player who was categorically, absolutely, 100%, definitely going to be on the move this summer...is staying put at Paris Saint-Germain.

He's thrilled about that prospect, for sure, and it's going to get even better for him because the French champions have now brought in another hot-headed, supremely talented striker in the shape of ​Mauro Icardi. Look forward to seeing how that's going to play out...