​FIFA 20 is right around the corner and, amongst a whole host of new features, and some all-new icons for the Ultimate Team game mode.

Zinedine Zidane is set to be the cover of the Ultimate Edition of the game, but there are plenty of exciting new additions to the star-studded roster, and ​EA Sports have now confirmed the ratings of those new icons.

So, without further ado, let's take a closer look.

Zinedine Zidane

Real Madrid's Zinedine Zidane celebrates

The ​Real Madrid boss is set for his first appearance as an icon in any FIFA game, and his prime card will be a huge 96 overall. ​With 95 passing, 94 dribbling and 91 shooting, this card looks like a lot of fun to play with.

If that card ends up being too expensive, Zidane's middle icon will be 94 overall. His shooting, passing and dribbling all sit at at least 90, and his 83 physical will make him a versatile weapon in midfield.

His base icon card sits at 91 overall, but still boasts at least 90 in both passing and dribbling, whilst his 84 pace is the fastest of any of the Zidane cards.

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo

It has been a few years since we have seen Italy legend Andrea Pirlo in the game, but he has now been handed some hugely boosted cards. His prime card will be 92 overall, and his standout stat is easily his 95 passing.

Next up is a 90-rated middle icon, who still has 93 passing and 90 dribbling. He may be lacking in physical, but his 75 pace is the fastest of all three Pirlo cards.

Finally, Pirlo's base icon will be 88 overall. It will still have 91 passing and 90 dribbling, so players will still be able to experience life with one of the finest playmakers in history in their squad.​

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Of all the new additions, ​Chelsea icon Didier Drogba looks to have one of the most exciting cards. His 91-rated prime card boasts 92 shooting, 90 pace and 90 physical, and you just know he is going to be an absolute monster.

His middle icon will be 89 overall, and it will still bring 90 shooting, 88 physical and 85 pace, which will certainly looks incredibly fun to play with.

When those two cards inevitably become too expensive, Drogba's 87-rated base icon could be a good alternative. With pace, shooting and physical all in the high 80s, this Drogba card looks like it can do it all.​

Ian Wright


Another exciting arrival for fans of the ​Premier League​Arsenal and ​Crystal Palace hero Ian Wright has been handed an 89-rated prime card, and his combination of 89 pace and 90 shooting will make him deadly.

The 87-rated Wright card drops down to 85 pace and 89 shooting, which is certainly more than usable, although there will likely be several options which fans will go to first.

However, if you need a good, cheap icon, Wright's 85-rated base icon looks to be a great shout. His 91 pace and 86 shooting will make him great, and he shouldn't be too expensive.​

Ronald Koeman


Next up is ​Barcelona and Ajax hero Ronald​ Koeman, who has a couple of very intriguing cards. His prime is a 91-overall centre-back, and he boasts 90 defending, 86 physical and 75 pace. He even has a mammoth 88 shooting and 89 passing, so he can do a bit of everything.

His 88-overall middle icon has a slight upgrade in pace (77), but still boasts well over 80 in defending, physical, shooting and passing. Expect to see him in plenty of sides.

There's also his 85-rated base card but, let's be honest, nobody really wants to use this. With 67 pace and 82 physical, there are plenty of better options who would only cost a fraction of the price. But hey, it's still exciting.

Carlos Alberto

Football Festival - Soccerex Global Convention

Captain of the famous 1970 Brazil side, Carlos Alberto has long been on the wish list of many fans, and he is finally here.​ His prime card is a 93-rated right-back, and he comes with 90 pace, 90 defending and 87 passing. Yes please.

His middle card is 90 overall, but still comes with 90 pace. He takes a hit in both defending and physical, but he still looks very, very good.


However, his base card is arguably the most exciting. He is just 87 overall, but he is a centre-back. He has been given 82 pace, 88 defending and 83 physical, which instantly makes him one of the finest centre-backs on the game.



Joining fellow Brazilian Carlos Alberto is Garrincha, who played a starring role for the international side in 1958 and 1962. His prime is a huge 94-overall right winger, and his combination of 96 dribbling, 94 passing and 90 pace will make him one of the best attackers on the game.

His 92-rated middle icon has 90 pace as well, but drops down to 94 dribbling and 92 passing. Make no mistake about it, this card still has everything, but just a little less of everything that his prime.

Finally, his 90-rated base card still comes with that 90 pace, but then has 93 dribbling and 88 passing to go alongside it. It's still a fantastic card, but it won't hold a candle to that prime card.​

Michael Essien

Michael Essien,Didier Drogba

Chelsea fans will now be able to play with both Drogba and Michael Essien, who earns himself a first appearance as an icon. His 90-rated prime is an incredibly well-rounded central midfielder, who comes with 90 dribbling, 90 physical, 85 pace and 81 passing.

Drop down to his 87-rated middle card and you'll see he remains well-rounded. His 77 pace is the lowest of all his cards, but he still has huge ratings for defending (86) and physical (85).

Finally, he has picked up an 85-rated base card that jumps back up to 83 pace and 87 physical, but sees a decline in both passing (75) and defending (85). ​

Gianluca Zambrotta

Italian defender Gianluca Zambrotta cele

As one of the greatest full-backs of all time, Gianluca Zambrotta will be a welcome edition to FIFA 20. His 89-rated right-back is proof of that, and comes with 90 pace, 88 defending and 86 physical.

His middle card comes in at 87 overall and is slightly slower than the rest of Zambrotta's card with 87 pace. However, he still has over 80 in dribbling, physical, passing and dribbling, so fans definitely won't mind that.

Finally, his base is 86 rated, but his 91 pace is actually the fastest of them all. He comes with 84 dribbling and 84 physical, so still looks like a fun card to use.

John Barnes


You already know that ​Liverpool and ​Watford star John Barnes' cards are going to be fun. Starting with his prime, Barnes comes in as an 89-overall left winger with 91 dribbling, 90 pace and 87 shooting.

His middle card is 87 overall, but still has the pace (88) and dribbling (87) which Barnes was known for.

Finally, his base is changed to a central attacking midfielder which, when you remember Barnes' imposing physique, sounds like a fun combination. He comes with 87 dribbling, 86 passing and 82 pace. 

Ian Rush

Ian Rush

As one of the finest strikers in Liverpool history, Ian Rush certainly has the potential to be a fun card. He starts out with a 91-rated prime card and comes with 92 shooting, 86 pace and 86 dribbling. There are better prime icons around, but he'll do the job.

His middle is 89 overall, but the drop to 83 pace will scare off many fans. He still comes with 90 shooting and 85 dribbling, so goals will certainly come with this Rush card.

Finally, Rush's base card jumps back up to 86 pace, and his 88 shooting will potentially make him a hidden gem of the new icons.​

Hugo Sanchez

Mexican forward Hugo Sanchez (9), standi

Mexican fans' prayers have finally been answered, and Real Madrid hero Hugo Sanchez is here. His 92-rated prime looks unreal, with 93 shooting, 92 pace and 90 dribbling. That's the kind of card which could have your opponent breaking controllers.

He still has 90 pace on his 89-rated middle card, which also comes with 88 shooting and 88 dribbling, so fans won't feel much of a difference.

His base also has the potential to be fun. An 87 overall, Sanchez has 88 pace, 88 shooting and 85 dribbling, so he can definitely do it all.​

Pep Guardiola

Josep Guardiola

Was Pep Guardiola a better player or manager? It doesn't matter, because the ​Manchester City boss is now in the game as an icon. ​A defensive midfielder, Guardiola's prime is 90 rated and comes with 88 passing and 88 defending, to go along with his 78 pace.

The 87-rated middle card also boasts 78 pace, but drops to 82 passing and 85 defending. That's a very good card, but there will probably be a number of similar options available for much cheaper.

Finally, his base will be 85 overall. He comes will 85 dribbling and 82 passing as well, but drops down to 75 pace.

Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish

Last, but certainly not least, is Scotland's Kenny Dalglish. Dominant with both Liverpool and Celtic, Dalglish has been given a 92-rated prime card which boats 92 shooting, 90 dribbling and 90 pace. That's what we like to see.

His 90-rated middle card is converted to a centre-forward, but still comes with great stats. His 79 passing is the highest of any of his cards, whilst his 90 shooting, 89 dribbling and 87 pace will make him very fun.

Finally, Dalglish's base card looks like another of those hidden gems. An 87 overall, he comes with 88 shooting, 88 dribbling and 87 pace, so he won't feel too dissimilar to the prime Dalglish.