Jamie Vardy's rise to Premier League prominence is one of the stories of the decade, as his goals have turbo-charged Leicester towards becoming a comfortably established top-division side - and former champions at that.

With all the sexier, more continental names that have come and conquered in the five years since he started firing them in back in 2014, it's often easy to forget that he is a good deal more than a flash in the pan. 

Jamie Vardy

Whether it's his determination, staying power, or sheer ability that does it for him, he has in fact endured to become one of the most effective strikers of the decade. Don't believe me? Ask the guys over at ​Opta, who have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt through the mystical power of statistics. 


​Ready for it? Since the start of the 2014-15 campaign, he's netted 83 goals in the ​Premier League, a tally topped by only ​Sergio Agüero (118) and Harry Kane (124) in the same period. 

And is he slowing down? Good one. Since the appointment of Brendan Rodgers, he's been directly involved in 14 goals in 14 Premier League games (12 goals, two assists.)


In summary, then, ​Jamie Vardy is quite good, and will continue to be quite good for the  foreseeable future, as ​Leicester vie for that seventh-place spot (and potentially beyond if Manchester United and Chelsea stay true to form).