​The new adidas X19+ boots have been unveiled, with Mohamed Salah performing further super-human feats to promote the new range of football boots by the sportswear manufacturer.

In his two full seasons with the Reds, Salah has demonstrated supreme footballing ability with a consecutive Premier League Golden Boots heading his way and a Champions League medal to boot.

Known for his blistering speed, immense dribbling and superb finishing, the new advert for adidas' X19+ boots have revealed another layer to Salah's impenetrable armour, running on water.

adidas described their latest range of X boots as 'daringly fast' and ultra-lightweight' on their ​official website, while also adding: "X isn't just a boot. It's a recognition that speed should prise open defences, not dart down blind alleys. 

"If you can't lead the charge with your lightning pace, jog on. But if you're ready to push past your limits, keep reading. These laceless football boots have a super-thin, semi-translucent upper for a minimal feel, responsive touch and lightning pace. A low-cut collar and moulded heel combine to keep you stable during explosive moves."

Salah will be donning the latest adidas footwear throughout this season, after ​Liverpool kicked off their ​Premier League campaign with two wins over Norwich City and Southampton, while everyone can check the Egyptian performing similar miracles as the Reds take on ​Arsenal in the league on Saturday.


Anyone looking to get their hands on the newest range from adidas can do so via the manufacturers official website www.adidas.co.uk/football-shoes, with the shoes now on sale to the general public.

Disclaimer: Do not actually attempt to run on water, it is a skill reserved only for superstar Egyptian footballers such as Salah and any effort to do so will merely end up with you ruining your latest pair of boots.