It would be fair to say that Liverpool have had an uneventful summer transfer window thus far, with only teenagers Sepp van den Berg and Harvey Elliot and the elderly Adrian joining the club. 

And, as you can expect in this day and age, even when you're just two months removed from Champions League glory, this can dampen a fanbase's spirits. Deeply. 

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final

So, when Jurgen Klopp is asked about any potential last-minute swoops on transfer deadline day and, deadpan, replies 'not likely, so if you have something else to do, go and do it', it's probably not going to go down well. Probably.

Others chose to cling to the breadcrumbs of hope contained in that 'not likely' phrasing. 

But they were far and few between, because obviously a club that have just won the Champions League and finished second in the Premier League with the third highest points total of all time have 'no ambition'. That's the problem, you see.

And you know whose fault it is? Jurgen Klopp. The man's a has-been. He's toast. Hasta la vista. 

And the thing you've got to understand is this: the outrage isn't coming from an entitled, spoiled, transfer-obsessed place. No, these people truly care about the club. That's why they want signings. Because they LOVE the club.  

So, when Klopp talks about something other than transfers, it's only right that they flip out. It's their Twitter-given right (as is the right to misspell 'marquee'). 

Take this bloke. His heart is definitely in the right place, I'm sure.

What they're trying to say is this is a wasted opportunity and that, unless the best young player in the world signs for the club next year, there's no excuse for this 'very dangerous' behaviour. None at all.

So what if the club has kept hold of all their best players and made three more signings than their ​Champions League final opponents in June, that's not the point. That's not how it works, man.