​Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku took to Twitter to prove his speed to fans, but the results certainly didn't look good for Luke Shaw.

Lukaku has often faced criticism from fans for his perceived lack of agility, and he found himself forced to prove himself on Friday night after fans laughed at the idea he could cope as part of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers.

To do so, he posted a video online (via Benchwarmers) which appears to be the results of a training session involving the ​United first team. It showcases the maximum speed reached by each player during a training session in July, and ​Lukaku finds himself very near the top of the pile.

In fact, his 36.25 km/h is second only to Diogo Dalot, who managed an impressive maximum speed of 36.43 km/h.

Lukaku is even ahead of youngsters Tahith Chong, ​Marcus Rashford and Daniel James, all of whom are known for their electric pace. Maybe he could make it in the NBA?

As you head down the list, you find ​Paul Pogba, who managed a top speed of 33.41 km/h, before you get towards the bottom of the list. Here is where you'd expect to find the older players, so it should come as no surprise to find both ​Nemanja Matic and ​Juan Mata down there in the standings.

However, coming in dead last was 24-year-old left-back Shaw, who clocked in a top speed of just 31.03 km/h - well behind the rest of his teammates.

Now, it is pre-season, so we can't really judge Shaw too much, but the results aren't pretty. At no point should any athlete be slower than Matic, yet alone a 24-year-old thought to be in his physical prime.

His 5'11 frame doesn't exactly lend itself to basketball anyway, so don't expect to see him lining up alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis any time soon. As for Lukaku, well, you never know.