​The release of EA Sports' FIFA 20 is right around the corner, and the game will include a number of all-new features and updates to give fans plenty to get excited about.

With Eden Hazard, Virgil van Dijk and the recently announced Zinedine Zidane on the covers of the various editions of the game, FIFA 20 promises to be the most in-depth game the series has ever seen.

With the popularity of the Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode, it should come as no surprise to see EA Sports pay plenty of attention to what players of FIFA 19 wanted to see in their latest release.

Starting with the brand new icon card in the game, fans will be able to play with juiced-up versions of Zinedine Zidane, Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo and Ian Wright for the first time, and the 17,000 authentic players in the game will ensure there is something for everyone out there.

FUT will also feature upgraded Season Objectives, which are centred around rewarding players for playing the game. Earning 'XP' will allow players to unlock better rewards, whilst there are even milestones which unlock exclusive items.

You can earn players, packs and club items with ease, and the all-new menu makes it even more satisfying to track your progress.

For the first time ever, FUT Friendlies will feature in FIFA 20, which will allow players to take their Ultimate Team and play in a much more casual setting, both online and locally. Take your teams into the House Rules mode, or play in one of four new modes: Mystery Ball, King of the Hill, Max Chemistry, or Swaps.

Players will also be able to express themselves in the game with brand new custom kits, badges, banners and celebrations, to really make it your team.

Finally, updates to the Squad Management screens will make for a more fluid way of adding contracts or fitness items, as well as switching between all the squads you can conjure up.

The game will be released worldwide on September 27, although fans can their hands on the game a week earlier if they have an EA Access membership.