Twitter was sent into a meltdown on Thursday night, when it emerged that Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Ozil had been subjected to an attempted carjacking by an armed gang in the streets of north London. 

Thankfully, both players have subsequently been confirmed as unharmed, and a big part of this was the brazen efforts of Kolasinac, who, once the car had been boxed in by the attackers, who had been chasing them on mopeds, brazenly leapt out of the vehicle. 

Despite the fact that both assailants were armed with what appeared to be machetes, Kolasinac showed no hesitation in leaving the safety of the car, in order to fight them off with his bare hands. 

Which, as you can imagine, caused quite a stir on Twitter:

And it wasn't just the general public who were in awe, with former teammate Chuba Akpom similarly amazed by the player's bravery.

There were also some harking backs to the promo video for ​Arsenal's adidas kit launch, in which the full back backs up Ozil's decision to go for a fresh trim at the barbers. 

While others just focussed on the incredible defensive exploits of the, err, not usually so reliable defender.

And of course there was this meme...

After Kolasinac had held them off, Ozil ran to get help at a local Turkish restaurant, whereupon a number of members of staff ran out onto the road and managed to shoo the attackers away.

Remarkably, both players escaped unscathed, and it is the bravery of Big Sead that they have to thank.