We all know there is plenty of money in sport. Teams from various different sports have been raking in the money in recent years, but last year was something else.

​Forbes' latest rankings of the world's most valuable sports teams revealed that the cutoff to make in into the top 50 is now up $125m from last year and a whopping $1.2bn from just five years ago. Clearly, sports around the world are on the rise.

Here are the 30 most valuable sports teams in the world from last year.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers - $2.59bn

Opting to replace Papa John's with Pizza Hut as primary sponsors, the Pittsburgh Steelers saw their value rise significantly last year, even if they were desperately unlucky to miss out on the NFL playoffs.

29. Baltimore Ravens - $2.59bn

As the most valuable NFL franchise in the AFC North division, the Baltimore Ravens recently moved on from quarterback Joe Flacco in favour of young Lamar Jackson, which saw them battle through to the playoffs.

28. Atlanta Falcons - $2.6bn

From a financial standpoint, the Atlanta Falcons have been a complete revelation. Their decision to cut costs of concessions ultimately led to fans spending more to celebrate, whilst a sizeable investment in the ​Mercedes-Benz Stadium has also boosted their overall value.

27. Green Bay Packers - $2.63bn

After renovating Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers adding plenty of new sponsorship deals, with partnerships with Ariens and Kwik Trip helping the team through a period of frustrating results on the field.​

26. Denver Broncos - $2.65bn

With the Denver Broncos acquiring part of John Bowlen's share in the team, they have retained 100% of the shares in the franchise, with the hope of eventually passing control down to one of the late Pat Bowlen's children. 

25. Manchester City - $2.69bn

​Manchester City have enjoyed a huge financial rise under the ownership of Sheikh Mansour, and the results have been extraordinary.

With Pep Guardiola in the dugout, the Citizens lifted the ​Premier League title last year, generating a huge amount of income, whilst their run to the Champions League quarter-finals will certainly have helped.

A shirt-sleeve sponsorship deal with Nexus Tires was hugely beneficial to the team, whilst a recent $860m deal with Puma will certainly preserve their status as a financial powerhouse for years to come.​

24. Philadelphia Eagles - $2.75bn

The Philadelphia Eagles may have dropped a few places from previous standings, but their 2017 Super Bowl victory - coupled with the subsequent increase in ticket prices - ​led to a rise in revenue.

23. Boston Celtics - $2.8bn

The Boston Celtics have enjoyed a huge rise in popularity in recent seasons, seeing their ticket and TV interest soar through the roof. Delaware North's $100m restoration of the TD Garden has also made the Celtics a more valuable franchise.​

22. Houston Texans - $2.8bn

Fan support is a large part of the Houston Texans' success in recent years, with supporters piling into the NRG Stadium without fail in the past few seasons. A slight rise in ticket prices has not deterred fans, who are prepared to do what it takes to follow their team.​

21. New York Jets - $2.85bn

The New York Jets enjoyed a slight rise in annual income, which will certainly help them build for the future. Young quarterback Sam Darnell has shown plenty of promise, and the hope is that he will be able to guide the Jets back to success.​

20. Chicago Bears - $2.9bn

Replacing head coach John Fox with Matt Nagy was a signal of intent from the Chicago Bears​. The franchise went on to add a number of fresh faces, whilst a huge trade for linebacker Khalil Mack also helped the Bears move back in the right direction. 

19. Chicago Bulls - $2.9bn

Despite results on the court leaving fans wanting more, the Chicago Bulls are still one of the most popular NBA franchises around. Their name carries a lot of weight amongst sponsors, and a recent deal with ​Zenni Optical is further proof of that.

18. San Francisco Giants - $3bn

The San Francisco Giants have been busy adding a number of huge sponsorship deals, including bumper agreements with Oracle and Fanatics which will help fund the franchise for years to come.​

17. Bayern Munich - $3.02bn

​Bayern Munich are far more than just a German powerhouse - they are an established European superpower.

Their constant ​Bundesliga success creates a huge stream of income for the team, whilst deep runs in the Champions League do the same. 

Benefiting from a huge deal with kit manufacturer adidas, Bayern have been able to pursue some of the world's most exciting talent in recent seasons, which will almost guarantee success for many years.​

16. San Francisco 49ers - $3.05bn

With plenty of huge contracts on their books, the San Francisco 49ers have established themselves as a hugely valuable franchise. ​Jimmy Garoppolo's huge five-year, $137.5m deal shattered records at the time, making his ACL injury even harder for fans to take.

15. Chicago Cubs - $3.1bn

Working alongside Sinclair Broadcast Group, the Chicago Cubs took control of Marquee Sports Network, which will soon hold the exclusive broadcasting rights for the team's games.

14. Washington Redskins - $3.1bn

The Washington Redskins have endured a challenging few years, seeing their fan support dwindle amid uncertainty over a potential relocation. However, their bumper merchandise deal with Fanatics​ will help them generate plenty of global support.

13. Los Angeles Rams - $3.2bn

With the Los Angeles Rams soon set to move into a new $2.6bn stadium, their revenue is expected to increase dramatically. The Rams also handed expensive contracts to wide receiver Brandin Cooks and defensive end Aaron Donald, in what looks to be an exciting period for the franchise.​

12. Boston Red Sox - $3.2bn

Enjoying a sizeable boost in revenue, the Boston Red Sox won their ninth World Series in 2018. Fenway Park generated a huge income through ticket sales to non-MLB events, whilst their deal with the New England Sports Network only added even more revenue.​

11. Los Angeles Dodgers - $3.3bn

Finally getting themselves out of the luxury tax threshold, the Los Angeles Dodgers opted to ship out a number of expensive contracts to bring their day-to-day costs down significantly.​

10. New York Giants - $3.3bn

An abysmal season saw the New York Giants head down the route of a drastic rebuild, bringing in a new general manager and head coach to try and steer the team back to the playoffs.

Plenty of faith has been put in young running back Saquon Barkley, and there is a real hope that Barkley - alongside the new management - will be able to restore the Giants to their former glory.

MetLife Stadium has helped by generating a huge income, and deals with the likes of Verizon and Toyota ensure the Giants empire continues to expand.​

9. Golden State Warriors - $3.5bn

They may have been overthrown by the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, but the Golden State Warriors remain arguably the most terrifying superteam in sports history.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant (who is now with the Nets) brought unprecedented success to the Dubs on the court, but they have been just as dominant behind the scenes.

A huge $20m-a-year jersey deal with Rakuten is the largest in the NBA, whilst their new $1bn Chase Center stadium will keep the money pouring in.​

8. Los Angeles Lakers - $3.7bn

The recent Los Angeles Lakers may​ not have been as successful as former iterations of the team, but their business is just as strong as ever.

Fans continue to follow the Lakers from all over the world, and their huge $150m-a-year income from radio and TV deals proves that they are still in demand.

Adding former MVP LeBron James to the roster only increased the interest in the Lakers, and the recent acquisitions of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins will likely do the same.

7. New England Patriots - $3.8bn

As one of the most successful NFL teams in the recent era, the New England Patriots have gone from strength to strength.

The combination of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady have helped the Patriots dominate the AFC East, and numerous Super Bowl victories have brought unprecedented wealth to the franchise.

That revenue helped the team's owners, the Kraft family, open Patriot Place next to the Gillette Stadium, and the countless shops and restaurants have only generated even more income.

6. Manchester United - $3.81bn

Once the most valuable sports team in the world, ​Manchester United remain one of the biggest brands around.

However, they have fallen from second to sixth in this list, largely due to some underwhelming results on the pitch. The Red Devils failed to qualify for next season's Champions League, which has seen their income drop significantly.

Nevertheless, their sizeable sponsorship deals with Chevrolet, adidas and Kohler have helped generate plenty of revenue, whilst their global popularity will almost guarantee their place as one of the world's biggest teams for years to come.​

5. New York Knicks - $4bn

The NBA's most valuable franchise, the New York Knicks​ have enjoyed more success off the court than on it recently.

The Madison Square Garden Company have continued to generate an enormous revenue in recent seasons, and their $1bn restoration of Madison Square Garden certainly helped that.

Having missed out on blockbuster free agents this summer, the Knicks will certainly need to keep putting in work behind the scenes to retain their place as the league's most valuable.

4. Barcelona - $4.02bn

​Barcelona have a huge number of supporters all over the world, and they have the results on the pitch to keep them amongst the world's elite.

The Blaugrana actually made a loss of €37m last season, largely due to the mammoth costs of their squad, but the fact that they remain so high on this list speaks volumes of their commercial power.

They lifted the ​La Liga and Copa del Rey titles in the 2017/18 season, and their run to the Champions League quarter-finals also helped cover costs.

3. Real Madrid  - $4.24bn

Now the world's most valuable football team, ​Real Madrid's sizeable boost in income can largely be attributed to their three consecutive Champions League titles between 2016 and 2018.

Away from the pitch, Los Blancos also agreed a bumper sponsorship deal with ​Providence Equity, and their huge $113m-a-year deal with kit manufacturer adidas also saw their value increase slightly last year.

Having spent so heavily this summer on the likes of Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic and Ferland Mendy, Real will certainly need to get themselves back amongst the trophies if they are to continue to fend off Barcelona and United.

2. New York Yankees - $4.6bn

What a year it was for the New York Yankees. Their 100-win season saw their average attendance increase massively, which is the highest posted by the Yankees since 2012.

As a result, this also saw their TV viewership numbers jump up. Last year, the number of fans who watched Yankees games on the YES Network, which they bought back from Walt Disney, was 57% higher than any other MLB franchise.

Falling to the Boston Red Sox in the ADLS was an underwhelming end to the season for the Yankees, and fans will certainly be expecting better post-season performances going forward.

1. Dallas Cowboys - $5bn

For the fourth year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys are the world's most valuable sports team, with an incredible value of $5bn.

Owner Jerry Jones has been on a mission to grow the Cowboys' revenue in recent years, striking huge sponsorship deals with the likes of ​WinStar Casino and Resort to add to their ever-growing portfolio of partners.

They posted a pre-tax income of $365m, which is the highest by any sports team worldwide, and Jones will certainly keep working to ensure the good times never come to an end for the Cowboys.