With fans on the backs of the Manchester United squad after their shambolic collapse at the end of last season, you would have thought that the players would take the summer off and prove to everyone that they are ready to fight for change.

So, you have two options. Plan A is to stay out of trouble, recharge your batteries and then return to pre-season in top physical form. Or, there's Plan B - post an obscene video on Snapchat so all your impressionable young fans can see you acting like a fool. Which option do you pick?

If you picked B, you're clearly not thinking straight, and you might just be Jesse Lingard.

The 26-year-old decided to give fans a private tour of his hotel room, but did so by screaming every vulgar word under the sun. ​Marcus Rashford also makes a brief cameo, as does another of ​Lingard's friends, who mimics an obscene act in a trashed hotel room.

It begs the question - why? 

The truth is, Lingard's video is indicative of all that is wrong with ​United right now. As a player at one of the world's biggest clubs, he does not understand - or simply doesn't care - what being a United player actually means. 

Historically, the Red Devils have always done their best to remain respectful, knowing full-well that millions of young children will try to replicate what they see their favourite players doing. That could be firing a volley into the top corner, or that could mean trashing a hotel room.

There is no sense of discipline or responsibility here. Instead, Lingard is solely focused on himself and having fun, regardless of what that means.

Let's not get it twisted, footballers are just as entitled to have fun as everyone else is. If he wants lounge around with his friends in a messy hotel room, so be it. However, in a position such as Lingard's, players have to be careful about what they do, especially if they are the ones recording it.


This video shows how Lingard does not understand what it means to be a United player, and that's the exact flaw which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer picked with his team in the closing stages of the season. Players were focused on the name on the back of the shirt, and the name on the front was not important.

Yes, we are not living in the Sir Alex Ferguson era anymore. Times have changed, but responsibilities have stayed the same. Something has been distorted at Old Trafford, and Lingard is not helping to find the cure.