Bruno Fernandes is fast becoming one of the most talked about names of the 2019 summer transfer window.

The 24-year-old scored 28 and assisted 14 from midfield in all competition for Sporting CP in 2018/19, ending his club season by winning the Taça da Liga before lifting the inaugural Nations League trophy with Portugal.

As far as available goalscoring midfielders go, Fernandes is hot property.

Cristiano Ronaldo,Bruno Fernandes

Nearly every one of the Premier League's big six have been linked in some regard, as well as many of Europe's other big hitters. However, it is ​Manchester City​United and ​Liverpool who regularly get the most column inches in relation to the playmaker.

Collating all the talk so far this week, it would appear to be United who are in the lead in the transfer chase. ​The Independent, in an article about Paul Pogba's future claim, "sources feel an agreement for the very talented Bruno Fernandes of Sporting Lisbon will eventually be completed." 

Meanwhile Record of Portugal (via ​SportWitness) claim United are preparing an offer, adding that the star's agent has met Sporting and 'pushed a move to United' ahead of other suitors. 


A Bola (via ​SportWitness) add that while Spurs are also keen, they are also unlikely to match United's offer. Fernandes' price tag is thought to be somewhere around €70m - but who really knows?

What is clear is that Fernandes is seemingly keen on a move, telling the press: "I've spent two intense years [at Sporting CP], I don't know if I will spend a third year, I don't know if I'm going to leave. No one knows the future."

He's also talked up Liverpool in the past, saying: "I like Liverpool a lot more [than Man City], it's a more direct, more offensive, maybe less organised, but more intense football, when you do not have the ball possession you are more intense." 

Interestingly, while the Portuguese media is pushing daily updates on Fernandes' situation, the British press (or at least those in the know) seem to be cold on the rumours.

Liverpool aren't interested say the ​Standard. Neither are City say the ​Manchester Evening News among others. Ditto Spurs say ​Sky Sports.

Meanwhile, Man Utd's regular targets in the British press seem to be more generally home-grown British stars who won't mind a season out of Champions League football.

Begging the question, who actually is keen?

After a standout season Bruno is clearly hot property but the near-constant links to the Premier League appear to hold little water, prompting scepticism that they are little more than the product of agents looking to help generate interest.

Fernandes could well be a very good signing for someone this summer, but an imminent ​Premier League switch seems unlikely.