Danny Rose, one of four Spurs players in Gareth Southgate's side, spoke out about the difficulties of being surrounded by Liverpool stars ​Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez and ​Jordan Henderson in the England camp.  

Five days on from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-0 defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League final, Rose had to join forces with a number of his adversaries in Portugal for UEFA Nations League duty.

It has been a difficult season for ​Spurs' left-back and, with serious questions marks surrounding his future constantly circulating, this was an additional pill that he had to swallow. 


Rose said in an interview with ​Sky Sports: ​"It is a bit draining having lost last weekend and having to share the camp with ​Liverpool players. 

"You are reminded every day you lost and that was a unique experience for me.

"I was definitely tired from a long season with my club and having to come to England didn't help."

Though the presence of the ​Champions League winners was a mentally draining experience, Rose was pleased to get the chance to play for the national side again, saying: "It's not draining coming to play for your country. 

"But as I said, whenever you're selected for England it is a great occasion. It is one I will always welcome and cherish."

He also went on to concede that ​Henderson, Gomez and Alexander-Arnold had 'been great', adding: "I couldn't have asked for them to have been much better than they have.

"We have a great squad here. I have known Jordan for 10 years now and he has been fine, we have spoken about the game."


Looking forward, Rose offered a tantalising insight into his future, admitting that it is 'no secret' that he may leave Spurs in the summer.

With Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain rumoured to be his leading suitors, Rose stated that he will wait and see.

"If I'm back at Tottenham next season, great, if I'm not - great," he said.

"I don't know what the future holds now but I'm looking forward to a break."